Hormone Cream Break , Progesterone , Estriol. Post Menopause

Hi All

I am post menopause due to surgical hysto 12 years ago with ovaries removed....

Currently on Estriol and Progesterone cream... do I need to take a break from these ? Have been told to take a 2 day break every 5 days.

Do I really need to take the break from Estriol ?? I know I need to take the break from Progesterone



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Can I ask you your age?

Hi There...

Age is 51 , had full hysterectomy 12 years ago...ovaries removed


Y x

Hi I had full hysterectomy at about 55, I was never offered any hormone replacement, perhaps considered too old. Recently I requested hormone cream and was told that with the issue of "markers" that indicate I could get bone marrow in the future I would be advised not to have any hormone treatment. It does increase your chances of cancer. Wishing you well.

Do believe risk of C is reduced with Biodentical Hormones... and the Estriol estrogen is more a protective estrogen to C than Estradiol


Y x

I am 56 and don't take a break of either . my dr did increase both my last visit and I went estrogen dominant with feeling swimmy headed but it could have been the estrogen blocking my thryroid meds as well..i backed down dosage and it went away....I take the bio identical....creams..personally my dr says there is no need to take a break...some drs say take a bread the last week of the month but out of 4 drs, all said just take it constant....

Hi thanks for the info... are you on Progesterone and Estriol creams ?

As looking to just take a break from Progesterone as the Estriol is weak

Thanks Y x

no I am on a combo bi est estriol and estradiol..cream and progesterone cream ..but I haven't had a hyst.. just post menopausal.....but I was told I must take progesterone along side estrogen and to never take estrogen alone...I know that kind you are taking is the safe estrogen and weak and I cant advise since i didn't have a hysterectomy.since that my be different

how much bi-est cream are you on ? 2.5 mg ?



.3 bec it is the stronger estrogen

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