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Oestrogen Dominance & oestrogen rebound with progesterone cream

Have you used natural progesterone to balance low progesterone levels post-menopause?

Did you experience oestrogen rebound initially?How did you deal with this?I am seeing recommendations to take as much as 100-200mgs daily for 3 months without a break,before going down to a maintenance dose of 10-30mgs daily.Finding this a bit scary.

Would really appreciate hearing how others have overcome this.

I have cortisol issues &oestrogen dominance,as well as issues with anxiety & depression.Motivation & enthusiasm are at an all time low.I feel like I'm wading through treacle to get through daily life at the moment,after over a year doing well on T3.

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Here are the recommendations for cream if it's any help:


I take oestrogen, progesterone and DHEA. Can't say I'd notice oestrogen rebound if it wacked me in the face. All I found was gradual improvement in symptoms. The amount of progesterone is about 50 times the oestrogen.


Did you do tests first?I know I am oestrogen dominant because my fibroids haven't shrunk & I am nearly 67.Also,I did the 23 & me gene test,showing a faulty gene for oestrogen.Are you prescribed by a practitioner?If not,how did you go about it?


Originally prescribed on symptoms and then bloods done very year. Private prescription. I found creams absolutely useless, so have intrabuccal lozenges. Also had pessaries initially for vaginal atrophy.




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