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Estriol ? How Quick ? Make a difference - Progesterone . BHRT - Menopause

Hi All...

Currently changed my BHRT cream to 0.75 mg Estriol and 20 mg Progesterone per day.... after feeling like crap... think due to higher progesterone...

Does anyone know how long I should continue before seeing a difference ?

Should I have a break from Estriol every 5 days for 2 days like I do for Progesterone...

Trying to get this all balanced out from going through hell

Y x

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I doubt your problems are due to high progesterone. I take 300 mcg microgenized NATURAL progesterone, and if I don't, I feel terrible.

Do you have any blood test results to post? Vitamins, minerals, TSH, T3/T4, TPO. Estrogen/progesterone tests don't say much.

What are your symptoms?


Hi.. Thanks for the reply....

Was on higher dose of prog at 30 mg per day but seemed to be getting worse... At 1 stage was just on Prog (20 mg per day) and no Estriol. was on this for 10 day worse bad acne, developed tics etc...

Recent Salvia test showed

Prog @ 579 pg/ml

Estradiol @ 1.02 pg/ml

P:E2 @ 568 pg/ml

After increase of both started feeling worse..crying, depression , hot flushed, more disturbed sleep... so reduced the Prog to 20 mg/day and Estroil 0.75 mg/day...

Vits an minerals will be fine on supplement e.g. Vit D 5000 UI etc

Feel like going round in circles and getting no where


Y x


300 mg - my mistake.

I'm sorry but I don't know much about salvia tests. Can you post ranges?

When I tested for estrogen dominance, I took blood tests, which I know are not reliable, but for my age my estrogen was way higher than progesterone, and I have all the symptoms of estrogen dominance. I also have MS and natural progesterone is recommended for MS.

The symptoms you list are the same as for estrogen dominance, so something is not adding up.

The first time I took a 200 mg tablett of microgenized progesterone I slept well for the first time in many years.

Do you have a feeling that your brain is swoolen? Strange sensations on the temples? Depression is often caused by inflammation in the brain. Sounds scary, but it is not as bad as it sounds. You just need to read up on anything anti-inflammatory. Ginger, tumeric, keeping your diet anti-inflammatory (low sugar, low red meat, lots of bone broth, etc.). Progesterone is anti-inflammatory.

I have read a lot about progesterone on Ray Peat's page.

Never heard of progesterone dominance, and according to Ray Peat, you can not overdose on natural progesterone.

I am not a doctor, I am only a specialist on my own health. I had to be, to get better. Your situation seems to be very different, but I do know how difficult it is when you feel awful and not getting help.

It would still be helpful if you post any other blood test results you have. Do you have any thyroid related problems? I gathered you had since you are posting on ThyroidUK. Anyway, our health problems are normally quite complex, and anyone trying to help needs more specific and comprehensive info.

Here is a link to an article by Ray Peat:

I have also found a lot of good info on the following site. Even if he is selling products, his info is sound and down to earth:

Good luck, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I know how you feel.


hi ... thanks for the reply...

My most recent results are Saliva ..ranges are below

Prog 51.0-210 pg/ml postmen0pause

E2 1.01 - 2.56 pg/ml postmenopause

P:E2 ratio 38-134 postmenopause...

Need to take into account I am on creams.. have seen some ranges for the ratio of 200 - 3000 due to being on topical...

I have read that cannot suffer from too much progesterone... but also read that you can...

I did suffer when was on Progest only.... acne, depression, tics etc

Thanks for the links.... just a minefield out there to try and find the right answer


Y x

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Hi ..

Is that 300 mcg or 300 mg ? If 300 mcg... would only be 0.3 mg... which seems low


Hi Yvette,

I just came across this web site. Lots of good info.

All the best!



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