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Hi everyone

First post so here goes. So.... I haven't been feeling right for a very long time. (I had graves years ago 30 or so and was warned that my thyroid might go the other way in later life) here I am at 49 and thought I would get them checked privately via medichecks as they were recommended via thyroid uk.

Here are my results.

TSH - 2.41

Free thyroxine - 18.4

T4 - 108

Free T3 - 4.3

Reverse T3 - 26 ** out of range 10 - 24

Reverse T3 ratio 10.7 ** out of range 15.01 - 75

Thyroglobulin antibodies 576.7 ** out of range 0-115

Peroxidase antibodies - 130.5 ** out of range 0-34

Went to see my GP who wanted me to have their blood tests. And yes they are "normal" with no further action needed.

I am confused and worried. Both my mum and aunt have thyroid problems (my mum had a list of autoimmune problems and I don't want to end up the same way - diagnosed with type 1 diabetes age 59 then coeliac disease then a sjogrens then cancer -you can guess the rest)

Am I ok or a hypochondriac! I feel the doctor thinks I am making it all up.

Any advice would be so helpful. Thankyou for reading



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you really need to get a copy of the GP tests and list all of your symptoms and no i do not think your msking it up as my husband had Graves then surgury and was undiagnosed and wrongly treated hypothyroid for years


You have Hashi's. And, that raises the question of whether you had Hashi's all along, and were misdiagnosed with Graves because you were in a Hashi's 'hyper' phase. Did they actually test the Graves antibodies?

Your TSH is too high. But it would help if you could put the ranges for the Frees, please. :)

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Hi grey goose

Thankyou for replying.

I did wonder that.

So free thyroxine range is 12-22

Free T3 range is the 3.1 - 6.8

Does that help? This thyroid stuff is a minefield, funnily enough I exhibited both sets of symptoms. Weight gain - palpitations / chronic fatigue / excessive sweating the first time round.

Many thanks



Yes, it sounds like it could have been Hahis all along, but symptoms do cross over.

So, you FT3 is low enough to be causing symptoms, and the antibodies could be causing symptoms themselves. And as you have antibodies, your doctor should be prescrbing levo. But the problem is, they know so little about thyroid, and are such slaves to the TSH, that they won't diagnose unless it's over range. But, let's see what your doctors tests look like, befor jumping to conclusions. :)


Thankyou really fed up (great name btw) I will get a printed copy. I called for the results and they said no further action. What happened with your husband? He must have been feeling. So bad for such a long time.


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