Worried..about 3 1/2 months ago I discovered a small patch of hair loss to embarrased to go to my pcp

Hi y'all!! Although initially I was freaked plumb out about noticing the 1 patch then 2 and then 3 patches of hair loss. I remembered that about a year ago my sister also suffered the same thing. This also happened to her after she had weight loss surgery. Her body was lacking the nutrients. Well about 3 months ago I went through a stressful time but I also had started dieting(probably considered a crash diet) and from what she told me (she's a reg RN) I needed to take biotin, iron wt vitC and protien supplements. I also started taking a stress relief supplement. The only part affected the right side of my scalp. This has helped some as I see new growth, it's still a mess though. It's been about 2 months and the patches are filling in sloow but I've noticed thinning around the top but mostly on this particular side. I've not been dieing really. Meaning, I just watch what I eat instead of taking in empty meaningless calories, making smarter choices getting the nutrition I need. I haven't been to my Dr in over a year (just don't like going) but my labs come back good as far as I can remember I don't really remember if my thyroid was low but I'm thinking so. Does anyone know what else I can do to STOP additional hair loss? It still falls out but not near as bad I don't care if it fills in with total white hair LOL just so as it comes back. I'm not sure if anyone can help me here, maybe I just needed to get it out?. Does this sounds like a poor diet decision and I've deprived my body or a thyroid issue? Thanks a bunch and like they say happy health to you all!

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  • It could be alopecia areata. I think this is sometimes treated w steroids but really you need to see a doctor to know exactly what it is.

  • Thanks for replying! Yeah I know I should and do want to sometimes BUT I am totally hesitant because I don't want to be put on medication to cause 15 other problems. Lol Even tho I'm not as freaked out, I'm still uncomfortable of just the general loss of hair.

    From what I've read the past couple months it sounded like alopecia areata. It's filling in though and my hair is generally getting thicker over all looking better, where as a couple months ago it just looked fried, felt so dry and awful. Even my eyebrows and other parts of my body (arms, legs, hands) that I noticed to be lacking of hair is coming back. Torn :/ but hopeful. :) maybe I'm impatient? Again thank you : )

  • Get it all the time..more now my thyroid is completely out...I find myself it happens when meds not taking into my body correctly or stress...learnt to let hair grow where it can so when it does happen I have enough hair to cover..people don't understand how stressful this is when it happens..one stage yrs(which doesn't help!!) ago I was offered a wig..but declined and compromise d with a cap and a bandana ...still worth going ur Dr to do bloods to see if there is a delicacy some where in the body **

    Try and keep your chin up ..**x**

  • I think it would be a good idea to get your thyroid bloods checked anyway but also remember that hair can fall out rapidly but takes an age to grow back and be strong again.

  • HI - it sounds like your sister is right and you have nutrient deficiencies. I believe hair loss is primarily caused by iron and/or ferritin levels. It can of course also be caused by hyothyroid but you would typically have far more symptoms if your thyroid was an issue.

    Good luck in resolving it.

  • Hello tneeds.I had VERY thin hair and almost bald patches on both sides of my head when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I must say I really dispaired! However this improved a little with levothyroxine but never fully resolved until about a 6 months after starting Armour. My hair came back even thicker and curly! Definitely worth getting thyroid levels checked and seeing what actually works for you.

  • Is the Armour only prescribed or can I get something otc...excuse my ignorance on this.

  • Thank you all for your feed back. I haven't stopped reading for months and I will add I'm really unsure what to do atm. I know nothing would be truly confirmed without blood tests. I want to get my vitimins and minerals lined out and have added magnesium. A salon shampoo called Nioxin (spelling as I'm half sleep lol) and b12, and b1 with the iron, vit C, biotin and making sure I get protien. Another thing I've been exhausted for awhile. My husband and I are also going through an adoption so there are many many factors as to why this would be happening if it's stress related and lack of the correct levels of correct nutrient levels. I wasn't too specific as I am pretty new to this forum and didn't know how much I should share. Also just right before this rared it's face, my debit card had been compromised, whom I believe was a family member. Maybe stress related maybe not. Today I did wake up optimistic that 'this' no matter what 'this' is shall work itself out, well that's if it happens not to be a thyroid issue and my hair keeps falling out. I'm seeing light hair coming back but the first response by puncturedbicycle made sense to me as I keep going back to. I've read all the signs of alopecia areata and it seems to be a sensible thought, although you all make PERFECT sense. Just not in understanding how I'm 36 and alopecia just appearing. I'm just a small town girl lol not knowing why my once beautiful hair is leaving me. It's always been curly, real curly for years. I used a straightening iron and tho I never used any chemicals on my hair to achieve straight smooth hair, I'm sure it did not help. Once I noticed the hair loss I went back al'natural with my curly locks I use selsum blue twice a week and minoxidil drops now the new shampoo. I'm probably over doing these things possibly but I'm seeing results..not much it fast but it's something. Y'all have no idea how much it means to have ppl in this community to talk to and gather different thoughts and hope. I thank you and already you have helped me soo much! Thank you. Any additional rights are appreciated. Have a happy healthy day!

  • Glad you have joined us as always someone around to offer support plus the big plus with this group is we are anonymous so we are more at ease with sharing things unless your user name is a bit of a give away! There are some many different ways this illness can present itself as well so it's reassuring to know we are not alone. You are right as well as stress can be a problem in itself do I hope the adoption is soon sorted for you.

  • Thank you very much! We should be finalized less than 60 days!! (( : it's been a looong 18 months for sure. We've had guardianship since he was born. And then just everything following to get to this point. I try so very hard to let go and let God! He's got us this far. Between neglecting myself and the events that's happened in these months, I'm sure has not helped. I've only recently joined this group and I love it! Reading everyone else's posts you're right, I do not feel so alone in going through these issues. I know it's mostly a thyroid page but I've read soo many helpful posts and responses and gained so much info I feel is encouraging. I really didn't expect anyone would say anything to my post. Again thank you very much! I hope to be of help to someone one day as y'all the 3 days I've joined have made me feel not alone. 😊

  • I found it gave me a lot of confidence to talk to doctors as well! Plus this site has helped me such a lot I stick around now to help others if I can. Plus it is useful reading the experiences of others and basically keeping up to date!

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