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Daybreak talking about hair loss in women

Just watching daybreak and in particular nadine dorries talking about her hair loss and all I can think about is how she hasn't a clue how people feel about really losing their hair.

Her hair is thinning but having thyroid disease mine falls out in clumps and I have bald patches and I would be happy to have her hair loss! Almost non existent. She proved that she has no idea how it feels its just an excuse to get on the tv again.

Ok rant over. Thanks x

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Exactly! Another of the turn up for the opening of an envelope brigade.

I decided last night I am going to collect all the hair I remove from the plug hole every time I wash my hair, dry it off and take it with me in a little bag next time I go to see my GP / endo. As long as you still have some hair on your head I don't think people realise what you mean when you say your hair is moving out in handfuls :-(



That's a great idea. They really don't get it do they. At the end of the day only we know our bodies and we know how much normally falls out when its washed or brushed x


I agree with leighma, great idea.


It's now just a hypo symptom - is your B12 above 500?

My hair started to re-grow when I got my B12 right


No it isn't, had my B12 done recently and it was 327 (211 - 911) and that was with me having taken a multivitamin with B12 in it for well over a year, both surgery and endo thought that was ok but I thought it was kind of low so I sent off for some high strength Jarrow B12 sublingual lozenges.

Haven't plucked up courage to ask to have my ferritin checked yet. I'm working up to that. Sometimes life is just such a struggle isn't it!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Liz x


Yes I take those and got my b12 up to 1000, my GP rang and asked me if I was having b12 injections.

There is little point having b12 that you swallow as this is the point, many of us hypo's do not absorb it from food or supplements in the gut.

If b12 levels are at the bottom of the range then it's worth fighting for injections.

Every now and then I see my hair in the shower and realise that I hadn't been taking my b12. For me it needs to be at the higher end of the range which is the same with my thyroid results.


Amazing result - must say it made me laugh that your GP rang to see if you were having B12 injections. Wonder who he thought was giving you them? Great to get your B12 up so high. I'm an injection phobic - don't mind giving blood fortunately - but anything oohing in - ouch so I just love the sublingual ones, these Jarrow ones taste really nice too.



Hi Suze my hair is receding and coming out especially over the top and front of my head. My B12 is 595 in a range of 200 - 940, so I began to wonder if I need the active test done.

Jo xx


....also there were posts some time ago - about Low Ferritin and hair loss. Sorry I am not a techno babe so cannot post the links ! Hope you can source some information on the net....


Mine falls out so much. I can carpet my carpet in it. I always end up with hairs in my socks. The shower gets blocked so bad. My ferritin and B12 are fine according to my bloods.


Is your b12 towards the top of the range?

Do you take levothyroxine? Could you change brand?


Suze, re: your reply on hair loss 'could you change brand'.

Wondering have you read about one brand affecting hair loss more than others? Seem to remember a PIL stating may be hair loss in beginning.

Seven months ago started taking Vit D3 with calcium B12 Magnesium.

Now have more new hair growth than for years but it still falls out (the roots seem weak). Thin all over however I have found ways to make it look more and cut it myself. The new hair (without products) sticks straight up like a new lawn..comical look.

Believe it to be another side affect of autoimmune disorder. My mother developed alopecia totalis in her late fifties. She had hypothyroidism. So it will not be a surprise if it happens to me but it is hard to give up exploring solutions.

Please let me know why you mention change brand?



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