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Severe ear pain and tinnitus that is driving me crazy. anyone had this or having this? so desperate. I feel so isolated

Hi Guys,

I been having infections and mucous in my left ear for quite some time. I was on antibiotics, painkillers and serc (for vertigo). Finally it went away and we went on holiday and had a great time. The flight back was very turbulent and I was sick for a few days after (same as feeling car sick). Then I was fine for 3 days and then the tinnitus started last Thursday. It didn't stop all weekend and then I noticed a sore throat and blocked ears. I went to the doc on Mon who did nothing for me and then I went to another in the afternoon who gave me antibiotics and dexketoprofen (it didn't help). That night the pain in my ears was so severe I was screaming and the tinnitus so bad it is driving me crazy. We went to A and E. Doc gave me xanax, oxycontin and antihistimines.

Yesterday I was in work and I got very bad by the afternoon I was burning up all over my face and down my chest and back. Also the pain felt very much in my trigeminal nerve area. I went to my GP who has added on prednisolone and stomach protecting ibuprofen and has said not to take the oxycontin.

She said there is build up of fluid behind my ear and it may perforate. The liquid has no where to go and that is why I'm having the pain in my ear and head etc. She can't explain the hotness and has said the tinnitus will go when the ear gets better.

Has anyone had this? I keep getting new symptoms. One doc said I have strep throat and the gunk from the throat has travelled up my ears and has caused this.

I well believe her but wondered if there is any way I can get rid of the pressure naturally? (Im gargling with listerine and have a facial steamer). I have had enough of feeling sick all the time and my ears seem to be the problem.

Im taking 3 gr of westhroid a day.

Thank you lovely peeps.

KornishPiskie xxx

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KornishPiskie you sound to be having a really rough time. You're doing the right thing with the steamer, have you added any decongestant to your steamer? Have taken a decongestant? What this will hopefully do is open up your eustacian (not sure of spelling) tubes, the little tube that goes from the back of your throat to your ear. When this opens the pressure in your ears will equalise and this will reduce your pain.

I think you have to be careful with decongestants if you take BP meds.

Keep yourself propped up in bed, laying down will increase the pressure. Make sure you are drinking plenty, this will help to thin the mucous. A humidifier in the room would help, air con will make it worse.

Hope you feel better soon.

Look for a tinnitus app, white noise will help to distract your brain from the tinnitus.

Take care


I bet you're over-medicated. This happens to me when I'm over-medicated or having a Hashi attack (which NDT exacerbated). The penny only dropped when I came off NDT. It's like walking a tight-rope tbh. Even though I'm back to levo with a bit of T3, if I go too high, all the symptoms you listed come back. Trimalagia, TMJ, migraines; pain, pain, misery and pain.


What a rotten time you're having KornishPixie.

Possibly check diet i.e. Gluten, dairy, sugar and other food challenges have look at auto immune Paleo.

Potentially also research Systemic enzymes and Wobenyzme. The first opens up biofilms for the immune system to get at the invader and the second takes down inflammation throughout whole body. Also try to get earthed out/grounded by gardening, walking in nature and limit EMF's. What about mercury dental fillings or root canals?

I inhale high quality essential oils such as pine or eucalyptus and support my immune system with liposomal Vitamin C.

Consider a Lyme test in case you've unknowingly been bitten on top of a compromised hypothyroid immune system.

Hope this helps!


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It sounds like eustachian tube dysfunction which I've had, incredibly painful, infact the worst thing I've ever had. I was eventually treated with Prednisolone which helped masively but you need to be really really aware that Pred affect thyroid meds, and while on it I went severely hypo which brought it's own set of issues. It's taken me 18 months to get back on an even keel and start feeling well, so I wouldn't recommend anyone takes Pred lightly. I tried the steam with menthol inhalation but not sure it made much difference to be honest. hope you feel better soon


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