High cholesterol and Statins?

May I offer a natural alternative to statins? It's been researched and tested, and also reported in health pages of newspapers, and I can personally vouch that it works. Everyday a take a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar, I mix it with the juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of honey, topped up with hot water. Better if all ingredients are organic, tastes lovely and helps to balance cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides.

A diabetic friend was suffering greatly with raised cholesterol and her nurse was quite worried about her. She's only 21. She took my advice and still continues to take it today, her cholesterol dropped within normal range in under three months and her nurse was amazed. She'd never heard of it.

Please research for yourselves, it really works and is all natural.

Hope this helps

Carol x

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  • I tried this as apparently it also helps inflammatory arthritis. Unfortunately it didn't work for either lowering my cholesterol or curing my arthritis. Clemmie

  • Try persevering with it, make it part of your lifestyle as it can only benefit health.

  • I did for more than a year. My cholesterol kept rising as did my inflammatory markers. Clemmie

  • Do you think you may have taken too high of a dose because that can cause acidity and therefore become inflamed. Sorry it didn't work you 😫

  • You do know that cholesterol is more dangerous if it's too low, than if it's 'too' high, don't you? Low cholesterol causes heart attacks, high cholesterol doesn't. And high cholesterol is a sign that something else is wrong in the body - it's a symptom, not a disease - usually low thyroid. :)

  • Yes I do know that thanks. I didn't say low cholesterol, I said balance your cholesterol and lower triglycerides. HDL is better to be higher and LDL is better to be lower, that's what is meant by good and bad cholesterol. Our body needs good cholesterol for health. Every symptom is a dis-ease of a body not in homeostasis. Thanks for raising that point.

  • Has your diabetic friend had her thyroid checked - both are endocrine glands - the thyroid and the pancreas. Also raised cholesterol is VERY Hypo and in days of old - before thyroid testing was invented - anyone with raised cholesterol had their thyroids treated ....

  • There's no such thing as good an bad cholesterol. When they say they're measuring the cholesterol, what they actually measure are the protein carriers that take the cholesterol round the body to where it's needed. There are two different types, they do different things. Neither of them are 'good' or 'bad'.

    The good and bad cholesterol was invented by Big Pharma, to increase sales of statins. You don't need to lower your cholesterol because it's not doing any harm.

  • No-one needs statins they destroy all cholesterol and you need cholesterol to produce Co Enzyme Q10 which is vital for replacing cells.

  • Yes - read the great cholesterol con - statins are not the answer & in my opinion are harmful if not downright dangerous. I agree Greygoose -"high" cholesterol is only a symptom & definitely a BIG symptom of hypothyroidism.

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