Cholesterol and Statins

My latest blood test showed my cholesterol to be 6.2 and of course my GP suggested Statins, I completely refused. I also argued that some latest research shows you need cholesterol to feed the brain, especially as one ages, it is said that people die faster if their cholesterol is too low. Opinions please would be appreciated.

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Lots to read here....but I have also read that if you divide the Triglycerides by the HDL and the result is less than 2.5 then all is well :-)

Homocysteine is a better indicator of long-term health - and of course the treatment to reduce the level is a range of the B no money for Big Pharma. Sorry this is just my opinion and non-medical of course - have a look around at Homocysteine.... not embraced by mainstream medicine. So have many NHS Docs helped us to wellness ?? When Homocysteine reduces so does the cholesterol. This happened with me....

Cholesterol also needed for the metabolism of VitD and all hormones - especially adrenal. Please remember Docs are well remunerated for prescribing Statins - check out the side effects....

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I can't take statins as they crucify the muscles in my legs but my GP seems ok with my cholesterol at 6.5. Apart from that, some years ago I read about a study of cholesterol on male prisoners. It concluded that their low cholesterol could be linked to the violent and aggressive traits they all had shown. I can't find that particular study but there are a couple of links to similar ones: and

..cholesterol needed to work with Adrenal hormones. So if stressed in prison then good levels of cholesterol will be needed to keep things in balance....

Yep I agree, but I think the low link was attributed to the actual crimes they were jailed for. Can't remember when they were tested though. Bah!

Have a look at Dr. John Briffa's site.

On my first visit to my Endo.....when I said that my cholesterol was high at 6.7 he remarked .." That is not unusual in Hypothyroid patients." When he sent me for a long list of blood tests he didn't even include it,so seemingly others were more relevant for treating me.How ever, it's always the first thing my GP comments on!

When my doctor told me I had high cholesterol (6.8) I said it was probably due to my underactive thyroid. She retorted that it didn't matter WHY it was high, it should be brought down, and recommended statins. I refused to take them and altered my diet and lowered it to 4.8. They are always very quick to prescribe statins aren't they, but don't do much for us thyroid sufferers!

I also try to watch my diet though have to say I'm not losing any weight yet,as still adjusting my meds.However,when I asked my GP if I would have to take statins he said no.I do prefer to try to solve as much as I can myself.....The less pills needed the better for as long as I can.

I haven't managed to lose any weight for years now. Has anyone managed to do this I wonder, and if so, how???

I read The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. On the basis of that I would never take statins.

If you look at a graph of deaths in women from all causes against their cholesterol level, the lowest mortality rate occurs at a cholesterol level of about 7.5. I think for men the figure is slightly lower, but not by very much.

Add to this the fact that the brain has massive amounts of cholesterol in it, and that cholesterol is vital for lots of different purposes in the body, why would anyone want to lower it?

And another point - high cholesterol in people is often a sure sign they have a thyroid problem, and in fact many years ago a high cholesterol level was used by doctors as a reason to investigate thyroid function. The medical profession should treat the underlying problem - the malfunctioning thyroid. Then the symptom - the high cholesterol - will improve by itself. (That is assuming you consider high cholesterol to be a problem - which I don't.)

:-) :-)

When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism my cholesterol was 14.85. After being on levo for about 6 months it lowered naturally to 4.6.

Isn't it amazing that if anything else was a problem they would investigate as to WHY it was happening but with cholesterol they give you pills and tell you to go away and take them!!


Thank you so much everybody for your thoughts, they are helpful x

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