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Natural Calm magnesium drink

Hi again, more advice please! I have been taking my natural Calm magnesium drink just before bed at the same time as 1 grain NDT. I take 1.5 grains in the morning. I wake shattered and wonder if the magnesium is interfering with NDT as I read today in a post you should leave 4 hours between NDT and magnesium. Am I making misery for myself! Learning curve here.

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Skyebeardie Magnesium, iron, calcium and Vit D all need to be taken four hours away from thyroid meds. Can you move the time of your evening dose of NDT and take it earlier? Magnesium ideally is best taken before bed because of it's calming properties.


As I appear to be sleeping better after months of insomnia, I will try drink only tonight, NDT morning only. I was taking night and morning but trying to fit food and drugs and supplements is tricky!

Thank you, I will see how I feel tomorrow.


Yes, timing can be difficult when splitting NDT dose. I take T3 plus Levo and found it difficult splitting T3 dose so I tried taking it all in one dose before getting up in the morning and fortunately it's not made any difference, and it's so much easier :)


i have never heard vit D also 4 hours, i take mine with breakfast, 2-3 hours after t3 but 2nd dose t3 within 2 hours, can someone clarify this for me <3


Binkie It's mentioned frequently on here (not just by me) but here is one article that mentions it - number 13:

"Can we take levothyroxine and vitamin D side by side?

In my opinion, each and every supplement should be separated by 4 hours with the thyroid medication to avoid decrease in absorption of levothyroxine systematically . If their is changes in absorption of levothyroxine in patients then dose adjustment is needed to maintain the same therapeutic effect required to provide the biological effect to avoid any side effects in the body system and lead the body functioning smoothly."

There are probably others.

Is breakfast your fattiest meal of the day? D3 is fat soluble so needs fat to be absorbed. Are you taking D3's important co-factors including K2-MK7 and magnesium?

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Yes, magnesium needs to be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds. Forgot and did that myself for a few months there - fuzzy brain didn't help. Got very tired in a short space of time. It's hard to work out times - but I chose to take my t3 early evening and the magnesium at night-time and I still sleep fine.

Good luck x


A ythi g with T3 in it is advised to be split to get your body used to the T3 but I kept forgetting the second dose! So after I felt comfortable on the T3 I take all mine in the morning and it works well.


It's worth experimenting with splitting a dose. It's a royal pain in the arse, but I've found I will start getting ill in the evening, and wake up with a very low blood pressure if I don't split. Some people do just as well on one dose (lucky ducks!).


I have had to set alarms on my phone for NDT and supplements. I hope it will become second nature but early days are a royal pain!


I now split my NDT into 3. I take it two hours after food and one hour before, so it's a bit of a nightmare. I have 1 or 2hr slots when I'm allowed my lunch and dinner. I am alarm controlled at all times !

Not too bad when I'm on the house alone, but terrible for socializing. The worst thing is not being able to accept cups of tea from friends :p I now drink hot water instead.


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