Hi all. Just a quickie to ask if anybody can direct me to a source of organic form magnesium please. I bought magnesium from a health shop in all innocence, not realising there were good and bad forms. I find I have magnesium oxide which I have been told wont do a lot of good. I think my old GP used to give me magnesium gluconate, which he said was the best stuff for me, but I cant find it anywhere. Thanks in advance.

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  • I use Better You magnesium flakes and soak in the bath - although I'm about to change to Epsom Salts, you can also use them in a foot bath, . I also use a Better You magnesium spray, I spray the soles of my feet and put on a pair of socks when I go to bed, that works and I googled fir magnesium rich foods and. eat seeds and other m rich foods from the list. I. haven't ever had my magnesium tested though so my methods might be completely wrong.

    Just found this - posted by Marz a while ago

  • My wife used the spray on her legs to prevent a redness like heat rash which occurred when on 6-8 mile walks. But it resulted in excema so back to the drawing board.

  • Personally I take Magnesium Glycinate in the evenings before bed and Magnesium Malate in the mornings. Mag Glycinate I use is by Pure Encapsulations and the Malate is Kirkman, both of which have no nasties (which is why I used them!). Hope this helps.

  • Hi hunny59 just wondering what are the benefits of taking two forms of magnesium?


  • Hi lolajone - these two form were recommended to me by a friend of mine - there's a good article here which helps to explain the different forms of magnesium, which is a lot more articulate than me!

  • Thanks for that..... Interesting

  • They all do different things according to the element they're attached to.

    Magnesium Citrate is a mild laxative.

    Magnesium Taurate is good for cardiovascualr health.

    Magnesium Malate is best for fatigue.

    Magnesium Glycinate is the most bio-available.

    Magnesium Chloride is good for detoxing the cells and tissues, aids kidney function and can boost a sluggish metabolism.

    Magnesium Carbonate is good for people suffering with indigestion and acid reflux, as it contains antacid properties.

    That last one probably isn't right for hypos with low stomach acid, though! :)

  • Thanks gg

  • I use Jarrows Mag mind - magnesium l'threonate. do a food form Magnesium.

  • Mrs.Raven, these are the different forms of magnesium available Try Amazon or

  • Thanks everyone, and especially clutter, thats given me lots to work on :)

  • My optimum health dietician makes me take designs for health magnesium as meant to be v bio available, but can be hard to buy without a clinician

  • May I ask, does your optimum health dietician make anything out of that? I.e. do they sell it to you?

    These specialist companies are great at sales claims and high prices, and making things seem special by restricting access, but I for one doubt they are actually anything different to what can be obtained elsewhere.

  • The OHC may well get a small percentage for all I know, I get 5% off but they are a registered charity and all their profits go into m.ecfs research. She has put me on various different things some I get from natural dispensary and some from nutri and others I can source anywhere. It is designs for health themselves who won't sell thru anyone but a practioners and I only have one item now which is by them.

  • I always get confused with the different forms of magnesium. Healthleads in Wales sell Magnesium Glutonate, I'm using some at the moment, but I always thought Citrate was the best form. The good thing about Healthleads is that the ingredients are all natural, no nasty additives.

  • I need somethind that doesn't contribute to excess stomach acid. My old GP used to give me calcium gluconate and I got on ok with it. I dont remember what form the nagnesium was. I have it in my mind it was gluconate, but cant find any on google.

  • Do you mean magnesium glycinate? That is the most bio-available form.

    But are you sure you do have excess stomach acid? Most hypos have low stomach acid, but the symptoms are the same. So, doctors always jump to the conclusion that it's high stomach acid.

  • Gg, I have found the site Pluto means, it definitely said magnesium gluconate. I think it said 27mcg of elemebtal calcium per 100mcg of product.

  • Also in capsule form apparently, which woukd help me as I can't swallow big tablets. Thry make me gag.

  • Both magnesium gluconate and magnesium glycinate are readily available - e.g. Amazon or iHerb - and bound to be many other sources.

  • Yes, Gg. I cant tolerate foods high in acid. I get painful gastritis, and have had ulcers through from the oesaphagus to the colon caused by 30 years of NSAIDs. Now the only pain relief I can take is coproxamol. I was on proton pump inhibitors for a while and ranitidine for years. Since I have been taking T3 its improved though. We are talking 30 years ago when my old GP was supplementing me, because i couldnt eat gluten and I suffered from bouts of colitis which at one point was suspected of being Crohns. I was on zinc orotate too, and he was pretty clued up about stomach troubles and supplementation. My thyroid was ok then.

  • OK :)

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