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Advice on blood results please

Hi everyone, I would appreciate some input into my latest( and former)results please.

I have been up and down with Hashis some time now, it now seems to be getting more erratic. It started Aug, 2016 when I was feeling jittery etc., so went to my gp to ask for blood test. These were all taken early morning fasting(as per the advice here)

The result was tosh 0.01(0.27-4.2)

Ft4 24.3(12-22)

Ft3 7.4(3.1-6.8)

At the time I was supplementing my 50mg levo with 1/2 of 25mcg t3, .

I stopped taking the t3 straight away, and continued with the levo as advised by gp.

Next test Sep. Tosh 0.01(same ranges)

Ft4 17.4

Ft3 6.8

November Tsh 0.02

Ft415.4(8.4-19.1) new ranges for ft4

Ft3 5.0 ( so going down)

December tosh 0.03(0.3-5.0) also new range.

.ft4 15.4 no ft3 done.

Apart from not sleeping very well, felt a bit hyper, but nice to lose a few pounds, and have some more energy.

Went on holiday in Ja. 2017, and about halfway through, felt as if I was beginning to go a little hypo. Came back end Jan. And couldn't stay awake, after a couple of days, I realised it wasn't down to jet lag. Was just feeling rubbish, so I assumed that after the flare up, I was now hypo, and needed some t3 again. Had this last test in March3rd

After leaving out the t3 for a couple of days. I was really surprised by the results, by the way I was feeling, I thought my tosh would have been higher

Tosh 0.05(0.3-5.0) sorry, keep typing tosh!!

Ft4 11.5(8.4-19.1)

Ft3 4.9(3.8-6.0)

I can't understand why my tosh is so low, when the ft4 and ft3 are not over.

What do you think folks?

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TSH 0.05 is suppressed but has risen as your FT4 and FT3 have dropped. Your FT4 and FT3 haven't been over since Sept but your TSH was still low. It's not a problem, it simply means your pituitary gland is detecting sufficient circulating FT4 and FT3.

Why did you stop taking T3 before your blood test? The point of the blood test is to determine whether you are optimally medicated.


Hi Clutter,thanks for the reply. I stopped the t3 three days before test, as I thought andfelt that I had gone really hypo, and didn't want to skew the results. As I understand that it is out of the system in a short while, I thought that was the thing to do.

As I said, I was really surprised at the result, thinking my tosh would have gone up quite a bit considering how I was feeling. Also, had put on 7lbs. On while away, normally I lose that naturally after a couple of weeks when I go back to eating a normal diet. This year, it didn't budge, and even put on more. Also, when I was a bit hyper, my nails were the best for years, and my skin was really silky soft. Now I am back to dry rough skin,, and really flaky broken nails with deep ridges, as I am usually when hypo.



By stopping T3 3 days before the test you did skew the result. The FT3 result you have is useless to gauge whether or not the T3 you were taking was adequate or too much. Next time you test just leave 12 hours between last dose and blood draw.


Thanks Clutter, I should have asked beforehand, will do next time,,


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