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Pain and inflammation around breast bone? And... emergency hydrocortisone injections from GP!

Happy weekend!

Does anyone suffer with pain and inflammation from under their breast bone? It feels like a heavy weight is sat on my chest and I ve been thumped or kicked hard there as well as burning hot to touch. No swelling. Breathing can be difficult when this area is very inflamed. Comes and goes! Anyone else experienced this?

I asked a little while ago about emergency hydrocortisone injections from the GP for those taking hc...

I had a private saliva test done through the recommendations of a private doctor from the States. (The saliva test is considered to be more accurate there) This came back with low levels of cortisol and low dhea. I was advised to start on hc which I ve sourced privately and doing well on. Very low blood pressure has now picked up, severe dehydration stopped and salt cravings decreased. Low back pain almost gone too!

I ve since had another test and my dose was adjusted as it was very low in the morning, improved again with new dose! I'm doing my third test tomorrow to check out levels again. So after 26 years of mistreatment and terrible symptoms of thyroid issues, a full hysterectomy at 30 and mis read blood results I finally went to see a GP last week. She was lovely. Ordered a full blood test , a chest X-ray and referral to Endro. She has all my test results for the last 8 years where I ve gone private and had Lymes, (after being told I did not by the NHS )CD 57 killer -8 range 130 to 300! So she knows I m taking hc, I ve got my medi alert bracelet on, a steroid dependent silicon bracelet and my wee blue steroid card too! I carry some hc with me at all times and know about sick day dosing.

I live and work in a country location with little to no mobile signal, I travel and play in the remote Welsh mountains, with NO signal! All this was explained when I asked for an emergency injection pack... " I don't know how to read your tests "!

Guide lines state that anyone taking steroids (so that I presume means people who self medicate) should be issued with an emergency injection pack. GP states that it is the Endro that does this an she is not authorised to do so! There's a 12 week waiting list! I'm off to Wales again in 3 weeks time! A little worried as if a crisis should occur, well?

I m going to write to her including the nice guidelines and print outs from asking if she can email the Endro or to get the senior GP to issue 1 injection pack for safety sake whilst waiting for appointment , as this injection causes no harm if given to someone who's not AI but can be fatal if if not given to a steroid dependent person. Any other suggestions of how to take this issue forward? I feel a tad bit uneasy not having that emergency back up especially when I know I'm in places without rescue coverage.

Many thanks for your thoughts on this one! :)

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Costochondritis causes breast bone pain, low vitD symptom and lower leg pain.


Thanks for the info will have a look at this :)


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