I've been on hc for 7 years and up too 30 mg ,I still can't get my thyroid levels up and remain bed bound..?I've weened off the hc over six months to do a saliva test do you think 5 weeks off it will be long enough for the test to be usefull? Many ,many thanks


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  • Just replying as nobody else has though I do not really know the answer as I have not experienced this. I was a nurse for nearly 40 years however and thinking about the way patients are treated with steroid therapies I would have thought this would have been long enough. Though I do stress I do not know for sure. I really hope you find some answers. This thyroid thing is so debilitating and life ruining.

  • If you are on HC for low ACTH or bad Adrenal Glands, you can never come off of it.

  • Who said that? And what do you mean by 'bad' adrenal glands? If it's just adrenal fatigue, then lots of people come off it. Or do you mean Addison's?

  • A Damaged Pituitary that will not make ACTH, causes low Cortisol and is actually more common than Addisons...on Steroids for life. This is Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency..not Addisons. People with Addisons are on Steroids for life. Secondary Partial Adrenal Insufficiency..on Steroids whenever they are ill are body under severe stress.

  • Ah, ok, I see what you mean. Thank you for explaining. x

  • I do hope you are improving! I still have not gotten back to you and i have not forgotten..think about you every day!

  • Thank you, Faith, I'm not too bad. Don't worry about not getting back, I know it can be difficult at times. But how are you? Are you feeling any better? x

  • I am the same, i am sorry to say. Nothing i do makes any difference, so i feel that my Pituitary issue,,low ACTH, low Cortisol, might be part of it that has not been addressed.

  • Well, that certainly does sound like something that should be addressed.

  • Do your thyroid levels test low..do you have the results?

  • I would say, 6 Wks but I did 8 Wks just in case. Good luck, you're not gonna like it lol

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