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Addisons emergency injection from gp or other sources

Hi, I'm a newbie and trying to find some info before I see the new gp...

Has anyone who self treats for Addisons been given an emergency self hc injection by a gp? Solu cortef 100ml.

I'm fully diagnosed with the disease and supply my own b12 Methylcobalamin injections, cortef h.c and foricot. I'm going to see a new gp next week to register my private test results and Addisons so they have that info for an emergency. I m hoping for 2 outcomes, 1 to be given a script for an emergency injection as I travel in remote Wales and climb there too . 2nd to be registered with the ambulance service as a high risk priority service user.

Anyone one else gone through a similar story or knows if the gp s will give an emergency injection to people taking hydrocortisone anyway just because the risk of death if an emergency crisis does happen like a car crash or severe bug?

Many thanks :)

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Welcome to the forum, Kellykell.

Your GP should prescribe an emergency kit.

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Hi, thanks for swift reply. That's what I thought but they can play god especially when one has gone the private route without their knowledge! I did read in the NICE guidelines that anyone taking hc is at risk of a crisis and therefore must be prescribed the injection. I have a silicone steroid alert band and a medi alert bracelet also a blue steroid card and a seatbelt rescue medical info alert. I carry with me hc so when I need a dose or extra due to a stress...long walk, being unwell or stressful situation etc I always can self support any unforeseen situation.

I m hoping the gp will take on board that I am very responsible to being self sufficient and aware that things can go so I m prepared as one can be for any outcome. It's very hazy to find info to support what a gp must provide a patient with despite the non NHS route.

Thanks for you info.

Best wishes.



Hi kellykell

I have Addison's too

I have an emergency injection kit...I bought the kit from Addison's disease self help group U.K. and my GP prescribes 3 vials of hydrocortisone (they seem to have a 6 month life)

I also had to have an appointment with the nurse to be shown how to use them

My consultant had written to the GP so she knew what to prescribe, which is lucky because she didn't know

"I'm fully diagnosed with the disease and supply my own b12 Methylcobalamin injections, cortef h.c and foricot."

Sorry, you wrote the above...what's foricot?

I also take flurocortisone daily



Hi Anne

thanks for your reply.

I don't have a specialist to go and see on the nhs, been down that route and lost many years of my life. I just regular tests for levels and phone consultations to a private overseas doctor who is widely respected for his work in this field. So I have all the lab results but after 20+years of not getting anywhere I done the diy option and feel alive now!!

So that's why Im unsure if the GP will give an injection as I 've gone down the self care route.

Floricot (Fludrocortisone)



I see...

I'd like to think your GP would take it on board and carry on supporting/treating you; after all if you'd had an operation abroad that went wrong the NHS wouldn't turn you away

I'm interested to learn what blood test monitoring you have. My consultant...well, I don't have any bloods done for Addison's, and only TSH for thyroid (I don't have much faith in him)

I've been concentrating on the thyroid (now takingT3) and feel I'm headed in the right direction. It is my intention to "take control" of the Addison's too...I totally understand "lost years" and it sucks!

Good luck with the appointment



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