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Thyroid and b12 results

Hi Folks

I posted on here earlier regarding my partner who is very ill he had the flu about 4 weeks ago and has been suffering with drenching night sweats,insomnia, tremor of the hands, anxiety, irritability.

We got his test results today they checked for various things did a full blood count all normal, his b12 is 177 range 115--1000

They tested thyroid of course just T.S.H which came in at 1.2 range 0.35--4.7 and something called Monoctye count (not sure what that is) 0.86 10*9/l range 0.2---0.8 it was then stated above high reference range.

Any thoughts would be very helpful in my humble opinion i think he needs to supplement his b12.

Thanks in advance


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Dotti - one of the causes of high monocyte count is a viral infection, which it sounds as though your partner has had.

His B12 is concerning as it is very low in range. Did they not do a folate test as well? B12 and folate work together and it really would be helpful to have the folate result. You should then take both B12 and folate results over to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on Health Unlocked for their advice. Your partner may need testing for Pernicious Anaemia. Don't start any supplements for it until you've taken advice from the PA forum, spoken to your GP and had any further investigations which may be necessary. The tremor is most likely caused by low B12.

You might want to have a look around the B12 Deficiency website

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Hi SeasideSusie

Thanks so very much for all the info, yes they did test his serum Folate which came in as 13.4ug/L but no bloody range for it. I will pop over to the P A forum once again thanks so much

Dotti x


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