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advice on thyroid results


Was diagnosed at begining of December with under active thyroid had symptoms for months but they where missed as i am recovering from meningitis.

Results from december are

T4 6.9 range 9.00-19.00

TSH 50.58 range 0.40-5.00

serum ferritin 10 range 15.00-200.00

Was put on 50mcg Levothyroxine and 200mg ferrous sulfate x2

Results 20th Jan

T4 14.6 range 9.00-19.00

TSH 10.38 range 0.40-5.00

Serum Ferritin 35 range 15.00-200.00

Still having lots of symptoms but am unsure what is after affects of the meningitis and what's the symptoms of the underactive thyroid so i went all prepared to discus all my symptoms with the doctor 2 full pages of them. as it turned out it was a big waste of time i didn't get to see my usual doctor.

First he asked me how i had been in my recovery from the meningits i explained how awful i had been feeling and gave him my 2 pages of symptoms which he barley glanced at. He then asked me what i could do to help myself in my recovery of which i could think of nothing that i am not already doing. he told me to get into a routine, hes obviously never been recovering from near death with an under active thyroid, does he really think i would be there if i could help myself. Anyway he then went through my results of which he said my thyroid seemed to be coming down all by its self ( must be a miracle) only to scroll down his page to realise i am on thyroid meds. Am going to get in touch with my own GP as soon as he is back in work as i still feel like death most days. he also said my T4 is now ok and my TSH is not to bad just a bit above range so to stay on 50mcg levo and come back in 2 months, dont think i will be taking his advice, so if any of you lovely people could give me advice on my latest results that would be great thanks

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Vickylou, Another thyroid ignorant doctor :x See your own GP or any other GP soon. TSH has improved considerably on 50mcg but TSH >10 is overtly hypothyroid and you need a dose increase now not in 2 months. FT4 has also improved but needs further improvement which a dose increase will aid.

Ferritin is improving but needs to be nearer 100 so keep on with the Ferrous Fumarate and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

Ask your GP to test vitamin D, B12 and folate as they are often low in hypothyroid patients and good levels are necessary for wellbeing.

vickylou36 in reply to Clutter

Thanks Clutter have been taking vitamin c with the Iron. My B12 in december was 211 range 150.00-620.00 i have ordered Jarrow methylcobalamin B12 1000mg from amazon. I am going to pick up some B complex and was thinking of getting a probiotic on advice from somebody on here because of all the antibiotics i had if you know of any good ones that would be really helpful. I was going to ask my GP about vit D test today as i havent been in the best of health for 10 months now and spent little time outdoors in summer because of headaches from the sun and with my balance i cant get out on my own, i will ask when i get to see Dr.

Clutter in reply to vickylou36

Vicky, I use a supermarket brand B Complex. Sorry, can't help with probiotics. Post a new question or use the HU search :)

You not only want your TSH below 10, you probably want it below 1 to feel well. I'm sure your own GP will understand that you need to up your meds a bit. Ask for 75 mcg and retest in 4 weeks.

vickylou36 in reply to stenstorp

Thanks for the reply stenstorp i really couldn't wait 2 months i feel that bad i will definetly be making another appointment with my usual GP.

What a w*****!!! Sorry, reading posts like yours make me so mad! I've read too many posts about ignorant doctors this evening, I think. Honestly, if this thyroid stuff is simple enough for us ordinary people without doctorates, why can't they get their heads around this??

Hope your GP is able to help x

vickylou36 in reply to Jazzw

I knew exactly what was going to happen as soon as i realised it wasn't my usual GP. I complained to reception when i booked in because they never told me when they changed appointment day it was with different GP and she looked at me like i was stupid and said my history is on the screen, but when its a complex history its so much better if your GP know you like mine does.

Sandra600 in reply to vickylou36

Couldn`t agree more. I had to wait two months last year to see my GP, I could have seen another one much sooner but it is just a waste of time. I hope you get to see your own GP soon, this one obviously doesn`t know anything about hypothyroidism.

I've been eating a lot of Greek yoghurt which has lots of lovely probiotics in and tastes good too. Add some blueberries or crushed nuts and so much nicer than those drink things.

vickylou36 in reply to Nickinoo1

Might just get some greek yoghurt because it is nice, i did read somewhere that the tablets are better and stronger but theres to many to choose from.

What a load of tosh the GP spouted. Make another appointment soon :) I take VSL#3 probiotics. They are quite potent but good. I have also had the 10billion strength from Natures Best. good luck and I hope you feel better soon x

Thank you to everyone for there advice last week. I got to see my usual GP today who wasn't very happy with my last appointment he has now increased my levo to 75mcg and said it will probably need increasing again. He also requested some more bloods including vitamin D and testing for other autoimmune diseases because of all my symptoms. Thanks again for all the advice.

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