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Results all over the place

Oh to get a results letter without any red warnings on it.

Could anyone comment please?

Hashimotos/underactive. 4 years diagnosed, 2 years self medicating on NDT (Nature-Throid 4 grains). Also take Vitamin D 5000 daily.

Should I go down to 3 or 2 grains NDT?

Take folate supplements?

My Anti-Thyroidperoxidase is always high but I've never before had high Anti-Thyroid globulin.

Any other thoughts most appreciated.

(I've tested adrenals 3 times but not recently, I had conflicting results each time so couldn't see a pattern)

Results Feb 2017

Higher than range

Ferritin 155. (20-250)

Insulin 135.7 fasting (0-88 fasting)

Free T3. 8.81. (3.1-6.8)

Reverse T3. 37. (10-24)

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase 189.10 <34

Anti-Thyroid globulin 372.2. <115

Lower than range

Serum Folate 5.29. (8.83-60.8)


TSH. 0 (0.27-4.0)

T4 Total 1. 29.9 (64-142)

Free T4. 21.34. (12-22)

Reverse T3 ratio. 15.50

Vitamin D 149 Reduce if >175

Vitamin B12 434 Reduce if >725

HbA1c(IFCC). 35. (20-42)

CRP. 4.30 <5

Magnesium 0.94 (0.6-1.0)

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It looks like you're a smidge overmedicated - but not by much. I wouldn't drop a whole grain, maybe half a grain. You might even find that your sweet spot is 3 and 3/4 grains.

Can't comment on the insulin (not without googling it anyway ;) ) but your B12 and folate are both too low. It's best to aim for around 1000 for B12 and to get your folate up into double figures.

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Googled it. :) Insulin resistance - metabolic syndrome is a possibility.

And being careful not to scare yourself (because worst case scenarios are very rare) have a read here

And here: (this one is easier to read! :) )


Do not understand the insulin result but the HbA1c means you are not diabetic.


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