Supplements while Hypo and Pregnant?

Happy Sunday everyone,

Does anyone know what supplements are still safe to take while pregnant and what if any I should add?

I am currently taking 5,00IU of Vit D and 400 Methl Folate - I was told to take 500 folic acid due to being 'obese' (on the bmi index) and that I am at a higher risk for gestational diabetes.

I also take Magnesium every once in a while (when I can feel the twitches and constipation coming back) Should I just take 500mg a day?

I was told you should take vit K with vit D but the GP told me to stop the vit K.

Does anyone have any experience with this they would be willing to share?

Also some days I don't 'feel pregnant' and it makes me anxious just wondering if that is normal or potential sign of miscarriage?

Thank you R xxx

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  • What vitamin K are you taking? K1 or K2.

    You also need to be aware that in general medicines including supplements cannot be tested on pregnant women so as a precaution you aren't advised to take any.

    However you will be told to take certain vitamins and minerals to ensure you aren't deficient in them due to the fetsus requiring them for growth. While this sounds like a contradiction because there is evidence for example with folic acid that deficiencies in that harm the fetsus you will be told to take it.

    Did you join the groups you were pointed to when you first posted you were pregnant? The posters on there would tell you what they took and why.

  • Hi bluebug, thanks for the swift reply!

    I was taking Vit K2. I was told to take folic acid but I explained my preference for Methylfolate and they were fine with that but they didn't know how much to tell me to take. Yes I joined the groups, my question is a little more specific though than what supplements to take while pregnant. My main concern is managing pre-existing supplements if indeed I can still take those and if there is anything that is different for hypo pregnancy if that makes sense? I'm still waiting to be accepted into the FB recovering with T3 group to find out about T3 and pregnancy or if I indeed do need to add in some T4. I have started taking 2 grains of NDT as per clutter's suggestion just in case. R xx

  • Unfortunately you will find lots of contradicting advice or none at all.

    For example if you look up vitamin K2 it will say it's needed, state that babies are given it at birth but no advice or whether you should supplement or not. Or it will tell you to ask your doctor. The fact that doctors in the UK don't know themselves about particular vitamins and minerals until it is in the wider public domain doesn't help.

    Oddly enough everyone is told to take a multi-vitamin as a precaution...

  • Exactly what I am finding bluebug ! Super confused! :P

  • Forgot to ask how low is your vitamin D level?

  • My last Vid D level was very low at 44 nmol/L (75-200)

  • Did your GP or anyone mention that to you or check you were getting your level up?

  • yes, Should I be upping my Vit D3 to 10,000 iu?

  • I've seen a study that says 4,000IU is enough to make a difference. The endocrine society based in the US quotes 6,000IU is the maximum you should take and the vitamin D council states 10,000IU is the maximum.

    Unfortunately it is left up to you to work out what is a sufficient dosage.

  • Thanks for that Bluebug!

  • Hi, I struggle with this also but one thing I did find was pregnacare syrup which has helped me. Think I got some on eBay you can't get it in shops. I have halted the others as not sure how safe they are during pregnancy x

  • Thanks katiekatie!


    This is it. Pregnacare is one of the stronger ones to take during pregnancy. It isn't as good as supplementing separate but the strength I was taking before pregnancy would not be good either. I went for the liquid form as I don't tolerate the coatings they use on their tablets very well and I am sick within an hour of taking them x

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