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Lab results, please advise

Could you please advise on my Thyroid labs.

TSH .28 ( .10 - 5.0 )

free T4 11.8 ( 11.0 - 23.0 )

Free T3 4.0 ( 3.5 - 6.5)

I take 60 mg of NDT every morning.

I also had a saliva cortisol test, and am not sure if this group knows about this, but my evening is 6.57 ( .1 - 1.1) Night 1.64 ( .1 - .8 )

Am and Noon is within range. I don't know what this this why I am bone exhausted just after lunch?

Thank you for your help. I cannot see the doctor until April 6. Nikki

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Daisylain How do you feel?

Your TSH and FT4 are where you'd expect them to be when on NDT, but your FT3 is low so plenty of room for an increase if necessary.

High cortisol is usually due to stress of some kind. Check out Dr Sarah Myhill's website, she has some articles on adrenals.


Thank you. I feel exhausted and I have a very numb left hand. Very spacy, mind fog. And a little anxiety. Not to much. My cortisol has been an issue for along time, doctors think it's adrenal fatigue and not really as much to do with thyroid. Maybe I will bump up the ndt to 90 mg and see if it makes any difference. Thank you :)


Adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones are all linked. Quite often adrenals need sorting as well as the thyroid. Here's just one article


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