Cover ups by NHS

I put some posts on some time ago re my daughter and the unethical treatment she received. This is an update of how far drs will go to cover up previous medical negligence and some of the previous 'treatment' she received.

1) manipulation of the facts by drs to 'explain' their own lack of investigation. eg, erratic & raised tsh levels with correlating hypothyroid symptoms - "Do you take mcat? (a recreational drug apparently), as it would explain your symptoms".

2) non compliance of thyroxine meds to explain raised tsh levels.

3) after she described adrenaline rushes and finding raised adrenaline levels whilst in a hospital bed. "I could say Boo to you and it would be raised". Yes ,but not outside normal levels

4)abnormal response to ACTH test which resulted in being put on hydrocortisone tablets for low cortisol and resolving all her symptoms. "If your next result is normal you do not have adrenal issues and will need to come off the tablets due to their 'possible ' side effects. This is aside from the fact that drs will not pursue the cause of initial low cortisol levels and being taken off the meds will make her extremely ill.

Finding out that after thyroxine had been witheld all week in hospital then given high dose thyroxine leading to collapse with chest pain and other symptoms, (alongside raised adrenaline) she was then sectioned. After discharge where she was denied thyroxine whilst illegally incarcerated she was severely hypothyroid with myxodema. Her previous collapse had been described as a heart attack. The ecg taken after this collapse is not forthcoming. She had also been given anticlot injections daily from admittance with no explanation when queried and denial by drs that it relieved her stomach pain. Drs no doubt are in the process of taking her off the hydrocortisone so that they can say shes mentally ill when her symptoms return and most likely section her again and finish off what they tried to do the first time by affecting her memory/brain function by denying thyroxine whilst drugging her up on antipsychotic drugs that she didnt need.

She describes her own treatment as being "tortured by the NHS".

There behaviour has been reprehensible and utterly unethical .

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  • Rouby where are your previous posts?

  • They're under roubyroo but quite some time ago, 2015, . this is still an ongoing issue with drs covering up a heart attack amongst other things.

  • Hi, ive just read some of your posts where one said you'd had a gastroscopy and dx hernia. My daughter had one and was told she had a healing ulcer, (a year after vomiting large amount of blood, no ivestigation or treatment at the time), oesophagitis, hernia, scarring. No treatment despite ongoing stomach pain then returned to a mental health clinic for physical issues

  • Thanks Rouby and how awful for your daughter, obviously for you too as her mother.

    I also despair with the NHS having been subject to repeated misdiagnosis by a number of GPs who also lied in my medical records and continued to lie when I made a formal complaint. It seems the NHS are untouchable and aided by a regulator who hasn't learned their lesson from the Harold Shipman enquiry. The PHSO is also a waste of space.

    I firmly believe that there is a code on my medical records which means that GPs take no notice of me/fail to examine me etc etc as they're fully aware that I've made complaints and have become an informed patient.

    As regards your daughter's hernia, were any PPI's offered?

  • Cinnamon girl- No she wasnt. Your situation sounds similar to mine. I can also tell you that when you report wilful neglect to the police, they will help the nhs. In my case, because i wouldnt drop it, the sergant then reported my youngest daughter to social services when she reported harrassment. (Since nhs issues we've had, theft, damage, harrassment and a male nurse ringing my workplace trying to jeopardize my job with untrue info whilst breaking the data protection act by discussing my eldest daughters med info with my manager. No low is too low for them

  • @Rouby - now caught up on your previous posts and the hell that you and your family have been put through by a health service that is anything but. The 'healthcare professionals' you've been dealing with have shown truly sadistic methods and are a danger to patients.

    Astonishing that the Police failed to take this seriously but then everyone seemed to collude to prevent the truth being known.

    Presumably the Ombudsman failed to help as their remit is to defend the NHS at all costs. You could contact this organisation:

    Join their pressure group:

    Did you ever meet your MP to discuss this?

  • Thanks for that. I find you come up against a brick wall. I saw my mp last week and he would not look at me. Sat with his head in his hands ! He made comments that led me to believe that he had some prior (inaccurate?) info as hes not being helpful. When i saw the crime commission er last year, he too reported my youngest daughter to 'safeguarding' with completely inaccurate info so there ' threat' appears to be that if i persist , the police will put my daughter on social services'radar' when ive never previously had any dealings with them. Ive only mentioned some of the things that have happened. It does appear that the worse the situation, the worse things theyll stoop to. My neighbors, who were previously well known to the police now appear to be protected by the police as they can do whatever they please now. The lastest incident was driving a vehicle at my 16yr daughter (for the 2nd time). Oil tampered with, chewing gum in front lock etc

  • Rouby why did your MP have his head in his hands? How could he have information? Do you know what position he holds in Government and who he reports to? Perhaps approach an MP, one who's ambitious and going places, but in a different party?

    It sounds so awful for your family, a terrible strain and worry. Having horrible neighbours won't be helping for sure.

  • My mp did not want to give eye contact so sat with his head in his hands!

    I guess you have to think how far will people go to cover up non treatment of a heart attack followed by section then multiple drs deliberately witholding thyroxine to affect memory. It would be quite a scandal to expose multiple drs of wilful neglect while the police help to cover it up by inaction then causing problems for me

  • Previous posts can be found here :

  • Thank you humanbean and shall have a read.

  • Thanks. Also forgot to say that my daughter also had raised chromagranin A, (tumour marker) alongside raised adrenaline and low cortisol. They're not concerned about this apparently!

  • I can't offer any suggestions about your daughter's treatment, sorry. I've been badly treated by the NHS for many years and I deal with it now by avoiding the NHS like the plague unless I have no other choice.

    But I will suggest that you buy a good quality voice recorder (or perhaps you have a smart phone with one included?). It needs to be small and discreet, but with good quality voice recording and playback. Practice using it, try putting it in various pockets or handbags and find a way of recording voices to get the best reception so that they can be understood.

    You don't have to mention to a doctor that you are recording a consultation.

    Another suggestion (in addition to the one above, not instead of) is to make sure that you never visit a doctor in any setting - surgery, clinic, hospital - without a witness who thoroughly understands the history of what has happened.

  • Thanks, i already did this but people in authority who are helping the nhs dont want to know. One solicitor i rang told me they wernt interested coz the police were involved. I hadnt said anything about the police!

    I tracked the IP address of the person who accessed one of my email accounts to a major hospital in London where my eldest daughter had put in a lengthy serious complaint

  • I would recommend you strictly follow the formal complaints procedure:

    Put absolutely everything in writing with as much detail as possible about dates and events so that there is a paper trial for any investigation. Good luck, I hope you manage to get your daughter the help she needs.

  • Unfortunately that dosent work as i did this. The complaints procedure appears to be all about them gathering info from you. All our replies have been fob offs. When my daughter was proceeding to the ombudsman she was conveniently sectioned . comments were made at section which implied it was connected to the complaint. It was a serious complaint!

  • Sounds like a return to good old "Victorian values". If it is a woman, assume hysterical and put in madhouse. Job done.

    Disgusting in the 21 century

  • The AVMA (Association for victims of medical accidents) may be able to help. They're very good but severely limited in funding. Google AVMA and you should be able to find them. Sounds like a complete disaster. Good luck xx

  • Thanks

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