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Fuming...absolutely fuming

So, my GP has referred me for a second opinion to a private endo. In preparation he's printed off all my previous letters from my NHS endo and test results etc. Very helpful - so far so good.

I have just looked through my letters....

Here's a few quotes from the NHS endo (a man I found so rude and patronising that I asked him if he spoke to all patients like this)

'J has been banging on about Armour and other crackpot treatments. I have told her that these are ineffective and indeed unsafe'

'she feels that her hair is falling out. I see no evidence of this and assume it is female preoccupation with appearance'

'I have advised her that she should get up and go to the gym if she wishes to regain her previous ability to compete in triathlons

'It is sometimes hard for patients to realise just how much they are eating'

'her thyroid levels are slightly raised but this would not account for her symptoms of palpitations, fatigue and confusion' THE SLIGHTLY RAISED LEVELS WERE 7.7.

'I have prescribed 50mcg of levothyroxine and will see her again in six months'

I'm speechless....

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Sorry to hear that...................What a ****! Just another example of inconsistent NHS endo's.


Maybe he needs to be reported !


Yes report him.


report him, so so report him


You should complain. I work in the health service (not a dr) but it is absolutely unacceptable to put any personal opinions in patients letters or notes. Complaining is hard and especially if you are unwell and have difficulties such as brain fog and fatigue. There will be a complaints procedure on you local NHS web site

Good luck



It is a disgrace. You are ill and should be treated with more respect by a professional person. It goes to show how serious they are about their sick patients.

Send him a copy of Dr Lowe's Rebuttal about the false claims about dessicated thyroid hormone (in use since 1891) made by the British Thyroid Association. and the BTA.


OK thanks for the comments everyone. I am really cross now and the more I read them the crosser I get. I'm really not the type to get intimidated so I am quite happy to tackle this guy head on when I see him. Even brain foggy and exhausted.. My 6 month appointment is on 14th May. My question I suppose is - is this unacceptable? It feels it. But isn't he just giving his opinion? If I did go down the complaint route - what would I be complaining about? A patronising manner - or something more specific. The Dr Lowe example is a good one. I'm crosser than I think I've ever been


In answer to your question.....No this is not acceptable, simple as that and clearly not in the eyes of everyone that has answered here. And clearly I dont think you feel it is either or you would not be feeling so cross.

There are ways of giving opinions, as somebody else said, professionally and with dignity. This person has offered you neither and shows a complete contempt for you as a person.

As the others have suggested complain in a numbered or bullet point way using the GMC's own guidance. If you want help get in touch with the Patients Association who can offer you guidance about making complaints.


for evil to flourish, it takes good men/women to do nothing,but this is especially difficult when you are also unwell and have to take on the people who are supposed to be there to help you. Be brave , wishing you all the best.


You might care to view GMC's guidance on being a good doctor.

This is the current guidance:

This is the new guidance coming into force on 22 April 2013:

Work your way through and count how many clauses are broken in what you have described. Such as

Treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity

Of course, putting a complaint in is a big decision, and I am not trying to encourage you to do so. (Cost in time, effort and emotions are too great for most of us.) But trying to say that he appears to be clearly in the wrong.



Oh Rod,

I had a quick look and cut this out.

Good Medical Practice: Good doctors

1. Patients need good doctors. Good doctors make the care of their patients their first concern: they are competent, keep their knowledge and skills up to date, establish and maintain good relationships with patients and colleagues*, are honest and trustworthy, and act with integrity.





I was fuming for you when reading those comments! At best they can be described as unprofessional and discourteous. I know that you will need to decide for yourself if it is worth complaining. I would normally keep quiet if it was related to my health - I have complained many times on behalf of my children who have both received terrible service from the NHS (not thyroid related). I finally spoke up for myself two years ago and it felt liberating! It wasn't thyroid related - I found a lump had a hiopsy etc and the consultant said it needed to come out. I went for a follow up appt and saw a locum who said they wouldn't be removing it. When I asked why he said something like "don't ask me, the powers that be have decided. I haven't got a clue". He then wrote to my GP and told them I had been fully informed and was 'on board' with the decision. I wrote a formal letter of complaint to the head of the department (the Consultant I first saw) and had the lump removed with no less than three doctors in theatre the very next week. Just thought you might like to hear of a positive outcome from a complaint :) oh and the lump was benign but I would have always been wondering if it hadn't come out x


I agree with every one elses comment, but feel that another angle may have been overlooked - SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION. How dare he "assume that it's a female preoccupation with her appearance" If a politician makes statements like these he/she is all over the press and I do not believe that this awful NHS quack should get away with it. Please report him before he upsets somebody who is less resilient as you and really damages them.



This is so despicable, un-acceptable, scandalous and also totally false...

'J has been banging on about Armour and other crackpot treatments. I have told her that these are ineffective and indeed unsafe'

NDT - Natural Dessicated Thyroid - (Armour type thyroid treatment) has been around for poss a 100 yrs and was the Only treatment avail for thyrpid UNTIL that is the Pharmas saw a way to earn a LOT of money. So in effect he is saying that Dr's many years ago were crackpots.

For you, only you can make the choice as to what to do next. Thank goodness you don't get intimidated. Sooner or later the Thyroid scandal / Medical profession (not) has to come out in the press.

I SO wish there was a lawyer on board with these Forums who could advise when things like this happen. AND a Journalist or media savvy person who knows how best to 'expose' this kind of outrageous behaviour.

The thing in your favour re complaining and/or media exposure as I see it - is that you actually have the appaling comments in writing, so is not he said she said syndrome.

When will all this nonsense angry

very best to you



Classic examples of what I call "the work of fiction that constitutes a doctor's letter".

Rarely does what they write bare any relationship to what was said/happened at a consultation.


Here are the grounds for your complaint

It's the GMC's own guidelines to doctors. Among other things it states:

"you must show respect for human life and you must:

Make the care of your patient your first concern

Protect and promote the health of patients and the public

Provide a good standard of practice and care

- Keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date

- Recognise and work within the limits of your competence

- Work with colleagues in the ways that best serve patients’ interests

Treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity

- Treat patients politely and considerately

- Respect patients’ right to confidentiality

Work in partnership with patients

- Listen to patients and respond to their concerns and preferences

- Give patients the information they want or need in a way they can understand

- Respect patients’ right to reach decisions with you about their treatment

and care

- Support patients in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health

Be honest and open and act with integrity

- Act without delay if you have good reason to believe that you or a colleague

may be putting patients at risk

- Never discriminate unfairly against patients or colleagues

- Never abuse your patients’ trust in you or the public’s trust in the profession.

You are personally accountable for your professional practice and must always be

prepared to justify your decisions and actions."


He's obviously driven a coach and horses through the GMC guidelines with his unacceptable behaviour, and the biggest thing in your favour is the fact that the idiot has put it in writing to a third party... If any of the statements contained in those letters are false then, as I understand the law, this constitutes libel, defined in the legal dictionary ( legal-dictionary.thefreedic... ) as 'to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person ...' Make sure you keep copies of everything (including your GPs medical notes, you never know what they've written...) and go for it! This sort of patronisingly insulting attitude is exactly the sort of thing that the likes of Dr. S and Dr. M try so hard to counter, and then keep getting dragged up before the GMC for, so lets turn the bloody tables! >_<


What is staggering is that he is practising as a doctor at all! He definitely should be reported.

I am so sorry you had to read personal comments like that and, to add insult to injury, he does not appear to understand the basics about hypothyrodism.

With my thoughts to you.



I know it's just been said but he really does need reporting. Not only is he incompetent as a doctor but appears never to have heard of sexual discrimination. I feel so mad I want to report him for you.


joO1. How very dare he !!! I made the dog jump when I was reading your letter because I kept shouting Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh ! Fuming and more fuming going on here. What an arsehole (am I allowed to say that?). THIS is what we are all dealing with, just who do they think they are? Please complain, this is outrageous!


Do you have newspapers that allow opinions to be published by citizens? We have "Letters to the Editor" and people can state their grievances. Without naming the doctor, I wonder if some of those remarks would cause a stir. This kind of mistreatment should not be covered up!


Hi jo01,

I am gobsmacked by the audacity of this man. How dare he. With a TSH of 7.7 I am half dead.........literally! It's about time we all started to get a bit more vocal!!!

Sorry....... But I am angry. Angry for you and angry for everything that all of us have had to go through.

What on earth does this man think he is doing.!!!! He is a disgrace!! Dear god how are any of us expected to get well whilst the Gatekeepers are total incompetents.




I am so very sorry that you had to experience such rudeness.

Kindest regards



We should be angry and we should be vocal.XX


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