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NHS or Private lab test?


I am hypothyroid and have taken 100mcg thyroxine per day for about 25 years. I am suffering from dreadful morning anxiety/depression, have put on a lot of weight and developed cravings and want to get my cortisol levels checked. Would it be a waste of time getting this done by the NHS? I am wondering if I should get this done privately? Can anybody suggest a good lab. to contact? I would really appreciate some advice as there seem to be so many tests to choose from.

Many thanks

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Blue Horizon Medicals are very good - have a look on line.


beany6 I have used Genova for adrenal tests in the past. They also test DHEA which is important when testing cortisol. I don't know if Blue Horizon include DHEA.

Genova tests have to be ordered through ThyroidUK as the practioner. Details here



Get full private testing ASAP


Very many of us have had to resort to private tests to get full Thyroid and related vitamins tested

Most popular choice is Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven. Same group of tests, just different companies. £99 for DIY postal finger prick test, or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both often have money off offers

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting. (Can drink water to keep hydrated) This way TSH is at its highest.

Very common when hypo to have low vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin. If these are too low they stop us being able to use thyroid hormones in cells. You may need supplements

You need to know if you have high antibodies this is autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto's)

Hashimoto's often has hidden food intolerances very often gluten.

Once you have results come back here for advice

Thyroid Uk has a list of recommended thyroid specialists by email that you may wish to see once you have test results


Have you had your vitamin levels checked? If you've developed cravings it sounds like something might be out of balance. Have you got any other health conditions and have you checked for autoimmune thyroid conditions? You need to get a full picture of your health. What blood tests has your GP done besides the TSH and T4 test?

As we get older, our gut finds it more difficult to absorb B12 for instance so you need to rule deficiencies out including minerals. Cortisol might be affected by deficiencies so worth looking at the basics if you have not already done so.

Could you book an appointment with your doctor to discuss all your blood tests and any tests for liver, kidneys, cholesterol levels to find out what your general health status is? Once you've got all the information currently available you could discuss what further tests could be done to ascertain the root cause of your anxiety. Bear in mind the NHS test for B12 is inadequate and you might be better getting private tests for that with an active B12 blood test. NHS should be able to do vitamin D, folate, ferritin, iron and a general B12 test which measures total B12 in your blood.

Lack of B12 or folate can cause anxiety/depression and I don't know if it can imbalance cortisol but you could ask your doctor about it. I think thyroid UK list some reliable laboratories thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...


Isabella wentz, offers much information about Hashimotos, hypothyroidism and testing


It sounds like you might have Graves disease which is hyperthyroidism


Why do you think that?


If you do have Graves disease that medication won't help

You might have too many thyroid hormones

And the medication would give you more

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Thanks everybody for your replies. I have ordered a cortisol saliva test from MediCheck and will also get their thyroid +11 test.


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