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Reputable supplier for T3 5mcg?

Hello all

I've been lurking on this site for a while now, taking in all the incredibly useful insights and information from everyone. So much useful experience - thank you all. I've now got a question of my own, which is about accessing T3 at a reasonable price.

I would be extremely grateful for any recommendations for reputable online suppliers of T3 5mcg tablets - please PM if possible.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 3 years ago via an NHS GP but wasn't doing well on T4 alone, so decided to start seeing an endo privately in London. It has taken a while (like, 18 months+) to find a good balance of treatment as it turns out I don't convert T4 properly, but I'm now feeling somewhat better on 100 mcg levothyroxine and 5mcg liothyronine per day together with vit D supplementation and a gluten-free regime.

Up to now I've been buying Mercury Pharma liothyronine with a private prescription from an online pharmacy in the UK at huge expense. My endo told me that it would be possible for me use my private prescription at a European pharmacy for a much more reasonable cost (at least as long as we remain in the EU ...) and I know it's also possible to buy liothyronine OTC in other countries. However, I'd feel much more confident with a recommendation from people who have done this before, so would be very grateful for any suggestions or pointers.

Meanwhile, I would be very happy to PM anyone interested with the name of my endo, as I have found him to be extremely sympathetic, explains things well and is willing to explore options with me rather than just pontificate. Downside is that he does not have an NHS clinic.


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I have not seen any 5 microgram tablets of liothyronine other than the USA makes (I think the list is Perrigo (formerly Paddock), Mylan, SigmaPharm, Pfizer Cytomel - and possibly repackaged versions of these).

I currently get a 5mcg tab made by Mercury Pharma from in Bristol, but they're incredibly expensive.

Are you absolutely sure they are MercutyPharma?

I know the pharmacy's website links to the MercuryPharma information on the EMC website. But I have never seen or heard of a 5 microgram product under that company's name.

You're right - my mistake. They're Perrigo and a special order. £1.25 each, which has been just about doable for a short trial but now I'm going to need them on a long term basis I'm looking for alternatives.


T3 is t the answer to everything but it can help. Often if we are t converting properly we are low in other things and I would advise testing for Vit D, B12, folate and Ferritin as these all help to get your thyroid working better. You may then find you don't need T3 but at least your general health should improve. If tested these should be high in the range though lots of doctors thing it things are in range you are fine! So get them rested by you doctor and then post your results and ranges for comments.

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Thanks Silverfox. I plan to get these tested in the next couple of weeks, so we'll see where things stand then.

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll check them out.

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I would be interested in the name of your endo please! Thanks!


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