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T3 (liothyronine) without Talc

Does anybody know liothyronine without Talc in it as inactive ingredient?

I have allergic reaction or side effect of Talc as filer in medicine. Fever, dehydration, choking(breathing problem) so I take medicine without it.

Synthroid has it in it so I take generic Levo in the U.S. (it seems that all generic does not contain talc as I tried my manufacturer's levo)

Cytome(T3) has Talc in it too so I asked my doctor to prescribe generic T3, but unfortunately my generic lionthyronine from Rite Aid in the U.S. has talc in it.

If I don't find lionthyronine without talc, I have to buy it abroad without prescription which cost much for me but have no choice.

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Details of all USA medicines, including ingredients, are, I think, in this link:

You should be able to find Mylan, SigmaPharm, Perrigo and at least one other - as well as Pfizer Cytomel. There are several others which I think are simply repackaged versions of these ones, such as Kaiser.


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