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T3 without a script ?

Hi there..new to this. Suffered for 15 years with thyroid and wasting time telling each doctor my symptoms and how they never improve! Recently moved to north Wales. Have a lovely doctor now who actually shows an interest.. she referred me to an endo who was pretty useless. My go said she would me to take t3 as o viously Levo alone is not helping but an endo needs to prescribe it. I'm on 175/200mg Levo! After reading about t3 I'm amazed no doctor has tried this before... and now I really want to try it but because of nhs no longer supporting it I can't afford £300 a month to try it .. especially when I hear you can get it over the counter in some countries under €20! Its ludicrous the nhs does not support this especially with so many sufferers! I have hashimoto but sure that's just putting a name to my living hell! I'd appreciate any advice .. thanks...

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Mitch27 Welcome to the forum. I'm in north Wales too, obviously not the same town as you because we only have one surgery and I can't say, by any stretch of the imagination, that any of the doctors show an interest in hypothyroidism, they're TSH obsessed. Not surprised the endo was useless, particularly if it was at Bangor.

I'v sorted myself out and now take my prescription for Levo and add T3 myself.

If you post your latest results, members can comment. Ideally we need




and if you have had vitamins and minerals done

Vit D




If not, ask for them as it's important they're at optimal levels, not just in range, for thyroid hormone to work.


As for Hashi's - are you strictly gluten free and supplementing with selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg daily to help reduce the antibody attacks?

In case you haven't researched Hashi's, here's some information





Gluten/thyroid connection: chriskresser.com/the-gluten...


Hi seaside Susie.. thanks for prompt response 😁 yes couldn't believe my luck to have a gp that doesn't roll her eyes at my symptoms and she actually suggested taking t3 and not the endo. Last doc I was with down south even sent me for cognitive behavioural therapy as that must be my problem obviously!! Obviously not as after 4 sessions they said we can't help you as there is nothing mentally wrong with you 😂😂 but still got nowhere ! I don't have results but will get them next time at the doc. Where do you get your t3 from then ??

No I'm not gluten free. I've read about hashi and thyroid problems till I could write my own book!! But one symptom I have is constant hunger and no willpower!!! Very frustrating!!!! From someone who was always small ..around 9 stone .. to now being 15 stone and out of control !!!!! I diet I loose nothing!!! I am always lethargic... and no change in symptoms from starting Levo at 25mg to now 175/200mg but of course it's in my head 😁😁 so when this doc told me about t3 and I read up ... I couldn't believe there is something out there that could possibly help me as it seems to have helped so many with same symptoms!

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I used to get my T3 from a Greek supplier but that's all changed now, the demand was so great, supplies short, orders not being fulfilled despite suppliers taking money, and now the pharmacies there want to see a prescription before supplying it. I have a decent stock in so don't need to worry for about a year.

I'm not Hashi's but many members here have found that a gluten free diet helps enormously. Hopefully someone will come along and offer further advice. SlowDragon is good with Hashi's.

You probably can't lose any weight at the moment because I expect your FT3 level is low. If you've not got enough T3 then you wont lose weight. You're taking a pretty good dose of Levo so it's very likely that poor conversion is your problem and you may very well need the addition of T3.

But you also need optimal levels of vitamins and minerals for thyroid hormone o work and conversion to take place. Selenium supplements also help conversion of T4 to T3.

When we can see your FT4/FT3 and all your vitamin and mineral levels, we'll have a better picture. If any of your nutrients are low or deficient we can suggest supplements and what dose to take, and if your conversion is poor suggestions can be made for taking T3 and any tweaking of Levo dose when adding it. But the results are needed first :)

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If gluten is causing a problem (extremely likely) then just taking T3 is not going to fix it.

We need to get "all our ducks in a row" first. So getting vitamins optimal is essential, as your GP is helpful that should be easy, ask for tests of vitamin D, folate. Ferritin and B12. Make sure to get figures and ranges.

Selenium supplements recommended with Hashimoto's

I was very reluctant to try gluten free, convinced I couldn't cope. It's been a revelation and therefore very easy to stick to.

If I had to also be dairy free ....well that would be much harder

Masses of gluten free alternatives these days, widely available and eating out is getting much easier too

Suggest once you have vitamins optimal you try it for 2-3 months and see how you feel

It might help with weight, certainly can help with reducing swelling and myxoedema


My doctor I used to go to said if I didn't take the armour thyroid I would never lose weight 😨 I take 1 grain which is 60 mg

If you need the address I can let you have it but not sure if that's okay to do....


The NHS did provide T3 up until recently when the supplier skyrocketed the cost which in turn caused an uproar amongst patients who relied on T3 only or T3 added to T4.

If anyone has info they will send you a private message as no info is permitted on the open forum.

Also, perhaps you could fill in a bit of your history in your Profile, i.e. when diagnosed, with what? dose etc.

P.S. I'll close post now so that only Private Messages can be sent.


I get the armour thyroid from America but last time I was charged over £50 surcharge 😨 I used to have a brilliant Doctor here in Sheffield but he's retired so I have to buy direct & that cost me over £200 then the surcharge so I ordered 3grain x 100 tablets this time so I break it into 3 so it's like for 300 days just over £125 👍🏻

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