Recommendations for pediatric endocrinologists

Can anyone please private message me with recommendations I need to get an urgent second opinion for my little girl. I need an endo that isn't harnessed to the tsh lab test like it's his twin and one who actually understands ndt medication. I'm sure it's asking for a lot. I'm in Lincoln but I will travel and ask for a referral out of area if needed

Thank you in advance

Jen Briggs

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  • Jenbriggs,

    Email and ask whether members have recommended any paediatricians.

    Hopefully any members able to make recommendations will send you feedback via private messages.

    NDT isn't licensed for UK use so most UK doctors will not have been trained to use anything other than Levothyroxine.

  • Thank you I have got the list and would be really grateful to hear from anyone who has used any for their child. My daughter was on ndt prior to taking an overdose of my tablets. She is 4 and was very very sick when she was hypo at 2 years old. The doctors is refusing to reinstate her medications until her tsh is not suppressed but her t4 levels are now dropping like a stone and her t3 is also low. He said he will wait until she goes hypo again before reinstating her meds she has already gone very cold and her eyes are starting to swell again

  • Jenbriggs,

    Which is why so many members self medicate. I understand you may be reluctant to do this with your daughter. I hope someone can recommend a paedeatrician who will help her.

  • I would self medicate her in a heart beat but they are checking her bloods every single week and would know if I had done so. I just cannot believe that they would want to make her so sick again. She was so so sick when she was hypo. This endo thinks it is fine for her to be freezing cold all the time and says that some kids are just like that 😢

  • Jenbriggs,

    Bet it wouldn't be acceptable for his/her kids :x

  • I absolutely guarantee it wouldn't be acceptable for his children. No matter what happens now I have to find myself another endo for her or just be treat by the gp they pretty much let me do my own thing but wanted her under an endo

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