Pediatric Hashimoto's

I'm suspicious that my 10-year-old niece may be hypothyroid and may have Hashimoto's. I haven't seen anything on here about pediatric hypothyroidism. The reasons I'm susupicious are the following: she's very athletic and extremely active but is overweight, she has a problem with constipation, she has severe dry skin issues, she's recently been diagnosed as dyslexic, she frequently has stomach discomfort. Her mother (my sister) and I are both hypothyroid and her mother also has rheumatoid arthritis. Do you think I should pursue this? I don't have a lot of hope for assistance from her pediatrician, an M.D. How should I proceed?

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Teenarocks, why not suggest your niece's parents request the MD tests her or they can order their own labs for TSH, FT4 and FT3. Tell the lab her age and request they use the paediatric range.

Might also look at coeliac disease and vit d deficiency

Hi, I would try keeping a foods diary first, and look for any patterns in symptoms. It could easily be a food sensitivity especially if her symptoms are mainly digestive. Also ensure she's drinking enough water, which will help her constipation.

I can only advise you and your sister to insist her GP tests her blood for everything to start with, then from the results start making a noise. because I know that they will try and tell you it is not passed through the family which is not true mine comes from my late mums side of the family. if she is Hypothyroid they need to find how severe it is and start treatment ASAP.

Try this:

There have been quite a few posts over the years. Many of them have used the alternative spelling "paediatric" so would not come up on a search for "pediatric".

there is a thread on where some members have hashis children

This is also a link:

Get her bloods and antibodies checked as soon as - then checkout the Paleo AI diet if confirmed. My daughter was diagnosed at 11yrs with Hashi's by a private Endo at 'Great Olmond Street' basically because we had a useless paediatric doctor. Anyways... get her to an endo as soon as possible.

My son who is 11 has hashimotos. The only sign of it which sparked a visit to the GPs is a slight goitre, other than that he is ok, and doesn't need thyroxine at the moment. He had a test for antibodies, which confirmed it. He has had it for 4 years now. He is not overweight or suffers from constipation. I can see why you are suspicious, as they are all symptoms and given her genetics. Get her tested for antibodies and thyroid function and an IgA test for Coeliacs. Is her growth rate ok?, as I know we have to measure our son regularly to make sure he is growing ok.

Thank you so much to everyone who replied. You've given me the courage to pursue testing for my niece.

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