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Recommendations for Endocrinologists in Tayside? GP wont refer me to Dr Skinner

as Dr Skinner has no specialist qualifications in either general medicine or endocrinology/thyroid disease. GP said I need to see a specialist physician in the field of Endocrinology or Rheumatology.

Diagnosed sub clinical hypothyroid in February 2013 and put on 25 mcg Thyroxine:-

TSH 6.33 (0.4-4.0)

FT4 10.1 (9.8-18.8)

Retested in May 2013

TSH 2.72 (0.4-4.0)

FT4 not tested

February, tested

Peroxidase Antibodies 228 (0-50

Receptor AB 0.0 (0-0.4)

May, tested

VIT D 28 (0-25 insufficient, 25-50 deficient).

July 2013 - My GP agreed to increase Thyroxine to 50mcg where I felt an overall improvement within 2 weeks however last week I seemed to have had a relapse and although not feeling as unwell as I was in February, I am not where I feel I need to be and GP has said he has run all the tests possible and doesnt know what else to do - he does not believe an increase in Thyroxine is the answer as he said all my blood tests are within range and that is why he has said he would refer me (but not to Dr Skinner).

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Hi Jennifer, I have PM you with details of the endo I see. X


You can look up the hospitals and see who their head of departments are. They should also tell you the specialism. My Endo Department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary specialise in pituitary tumours, which is a heck of a lot better than diabetes!!! At least I don't have to submit a pee sample :-) I have yet to see the head of department though and have never seen the same Doc twice.



Don't be put off because some of the private doctors do not have an endocrinology specialty. Some patients find that a qualified endo can help them, but many do not, and turn to private doctors who have come to the thyroid specialty via different routes. I can think of at least 5, one who is a virologist, one a chiropractic doctor, and 3 in general medicine who have realised that a patient may have a thyroid problem, but that GP's and endocrinologists are not getting them better, so find a way of doing so.

I wish you luck when you find a suitable endo, but don't give up if he doesn't help you as much as you'd like.

Jane x


Your GP should have tested your FT4 levels as these may still have been very low and also he (but almost certainly won't) test your FT3 levels, so he hasn't tested all the tests possible. Hope you get sorted soon.



Professor Graham Leese, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee is an excellent endocrinologist. He explains everything thoroughly to you and does not talk down to you. No question you put to him would be left unanswered no matter how trivial it may seem. He works with you to obtain the best possible level of health for you. If you can persuade your GP to refer you to him I am certain he would be able to help you.

When I first became unwell my GPs tried for 5 months to improve my health without any success - they simply didn't know what was wrong with me - I asked for a referral to Professor Leese and, after consultation, he achieved a noticeable improvement in my health within the first month and I have remained healthy for 15 years under his guidance (when required). He effectively gave me my life back.

In my experience I have found that GPs treat the blood test results/scale as if they are set in stone and that doesn't work for everyone. Professor Leese looks at your overall health and not just the test results.. he looks at the full picture and recommends/prescribes medication accordingly.

I hope this helps.



Hi Liz

Hoping you or someone on this site might be able to help....

Just wondered how you got through to see Dr Leese. In the summer I saw an consultant (ENT ) to rule out sleep apnoea and he recomended I tell my GP to refer me to Proff. Graham Leese. I had an appointment through form Ninewells eventually and was seen by a general physician who was rude, unhelpful and dismissive. This pompous chap not even ask for any blood current tests and was happy to look on screen (not at me) at 6 month old test results (calms down - don't get cranky). At the time I was feeling fine, so meekly went away with a pat on the head and a 'don't worry' . Now I feel shi*e again:(

How did you get a referal to this specific endo?



Hi Dr S is a Virologist and due to me suffering from a severe virus in March and had difficulty breathing I was able to obtain a letter from my GP to see him as a virologist. who happens to be aware of the role of the thyroid in the immune system.


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