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Recommended Endocrinologists

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good Endocrinologist in the West Kent area or, failing that, London? I have suspected I have hypothyroidism for a few years now due to experiencing nearly all the common symptoms, even though my TSH is considered "normal". Now unexplained infertility can been added to the list after two years of trying, countless tests and no answers. I really want to get this sorted as I am on the NHS list waiting for IVF, but I feel like it's not going to work if my body won't support a pregnancy.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks :)

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I just wonder if seeing an endo is the right way to go? Two unrelated posts this morning have left me aghast at their ignorance of thyroid disorders! Louise Warville at TUK has a list of private doctors who are understanding and sympathetic of thyroid disorders and she also has a list of endos who may be more helpful. But most endos specialise in diabetes and are very little use. As this is of great importance to you please do get in touch with Louise. All the best LB



Thanks LB, I'll get in touch with her. Interesting to hear that about endos, I would have thought they would be more understanding so that's a surprise. I'll see what Louise says :)


I know it surprised me at first! LB


Hi. I was recommended DR PAUL V CARROLL of The London Clinic, in London Bridge area, who is also consultant endo at Guys & St Thomas's Thyroid team. I haven't seen him myself, as am trying out Armour (T3) first to see if it helps long standing hypothyroidism. I myself suffered from "Unexplained infertility" some 20 years ago & was never tested for Thyroid or Pituitary problems, both possible causative factors. Do persist, get list of recommended doctors & endoscopy from ThyroidUK website. So many GPs are ignorant about this area of health & fertility problems. You probably will have to go private to get whole range of tests, but it will be worth it. I wish I had know this 20 yrs ago!

Do post further, how you get on. Good luck.


Re my post: Sorry, Auto correct made "recommended doctors & endocrinologists" into "endoscopy".


Thanks VeronV, I'll have a look at his profile. How are you getting hold of the Armour, are you being prescribed it by the GP? You're right that GPs know nothing about this - the last time I brought it up with my doctor back in London he shut me down and said my results had come back in the normal range, end of story. To think this could be hindering my chances of becoming a mother is beyond frustrating when I'm being fobbed off. Sorry to hear it's taken you so long to be treated - it's such an injustice that something that clearly causes major problems is not taken seriously by our health system.


I'm getting Armour from Springfield Pharmacy in Richmond, SW London, recommended by the doc. with a private prescription. It costs £60 for 100 tabs of 1grain.

I went to a Doctor Wetzler privately -from the Thyroid UK list of "Thyroid friendly doctors & endos". Paid £90 for half hour appointment. He asked for all medical history, listened closely & with interest. Discussed aspects of my symptoms etc So different to GP. He was the one who told me I should have been tested for Hypothyroidism in relation to infertility problems. He took blood tests for antibodies as well as T3 levels -my GP kept avoiding my requests for same.

Follow up appointment £50 for 15-20 mins to report results & prescribe Armour. It was Hashimotos's Disease, & despite my TSH being 0.45 & "normal" according to GP, - my T3 showed up at the low end, so my body is not converting T4 to T3, & that's why I was still getting bad symptoms. So 2 problems despite "normal" TSH results.

So your GP is likewise ignoring possible problems despite your "normal"TSH. You should see a specialist endo. Get antibody tests, ask for full hormone screening -pituitary, progesterone & oestrogen levels, as well as the thyroid tests for antibodies, T3, ferritin, folate, B12.

Afraid it does cost for these tests privately, on top of consultation fee, but worth it to get the diagnosis.

If you asked to be referred to consultant for infertility problems, they may be more informed & sympathetic to Hypothyroidism problems & treatment.

Good luck. V.

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Thanks VeronV, this is all really informative :)


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