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Amalgam filling removal - dentist recommendations for Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire

I am seriously looking at having this done and need to make an appointment to discuss with a dentist.

Have looked at the Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry's website and there are a few that I could contact.

It would be really helpful if anyone can make a recommendation. This will be a huge amount of money that I'm spending so really need to know who to avoid.

One thing I'm not sure of is whether I would be able to drive home afterwards.

Thank you.

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Tread carefully - i have just been down this road, it's a minefield out there. I did alot of research i will share with you privately.

Be careful of those who want to sell you all their other services that are supposedly necessary; services you can conveniently get from their colleagues in the same practice.

Do not get too hung up on the chelation protocol, as these will differ and you can devise your own programme simply by researching online.

i came up with a few names and after digging around on the internet, found negative feedback on all but one. So that is the 1 I went with.

It is a shedload of money; i am about halfway. So far i had extraction of an asymptomatic wisdom tooth, having read up on the health risks of these. The difference to my health has been AMAZING, brain fog gone and fatigue greatly reduced. Then i've had 3 mercury fillings out. Still about 4 to go. I never thought i'd get this far.

Expect to pay a hefty fee for an initial consultation. Questions to ask: what are the health risks to you given your particular health issues (eg adrenalin in the injections, etc); what material is used for fillings; what is the chelation programme, what are the mercury removal protocols, ie dental dam, air filtration, etc


hello Bluedaffodil . cna you private message on information about dentists. i found out that my lymphocity test is very sensitive to mercury and i did was very ill in the middle of the procedure . i am terrify i dont know what to do.


Hi Bluedaffodil, I too would be very interested to hear your findings if you wouldn't mind? I've researched a lot myself but I'm still undecided. Hope all went well for you.


Hello Bluedaffodil . I had a test just 2 days ago. I feel terrifying and don't know what to do. Please, could you private message me on an information about a dentist aswell. Thank you.


Hi, can i ask how did the process go? I see your post was 4 years ago now. What are your feelings now about it and what difference did it make. I am looking into going into this process myself now. I live in devon. Thanks


orangutangu I'll send you a PM


Thanks very much for such a useful reply and pleased that you are feeling much better. Definitely lots to think about.

Every tooth that can be filled is filled although a few are composite and it's been like this since childhood.

I see that the UK will be phasing out amalgam fillings, we're actually way behind the rest of the world for this.



I am about to have this done in Farnham, Surrey. If you want details please PM me. A while ago I posted some websites that my Dr (private) gave me for this, i wonder if they will still be under my comments? His view is that it is really important to use a dentist who understands the protocol and your vits and minerals must be in good order before you start. Very nervous about the whole thing at the moment as don't even cope well with a check-up!



Thank you for your reply. Good luck and do keep us posted.


I`d have my amalgam fillings removed, but there`s no way that the NHS will do it for me, & I can`t afford to pay. I`m not the slightest bit surprised that the UK is the last to phase these kind of fillings out, because let`s face it, this country is backward compared to the rest of Europe!


Completely agree with you there!


Yes, who knows whether years ago dentists were carrying out unnecessary work. Nothing surprises me any more when it comes to the NHS, things should have improved particularly with computers making record-keeping/analysis etc much easier.

I don't feel that I have a choice with fillings. As I stated, every single tooth that can be filled is filled. Who knows whether that was needed or not.

It really is a sorry state of affairs.


Hi cinnamon_girl

I am currently looking into having my mercury fillings removed and old crowns/veneers replaced. Would be really great if you could give me some advice from your experience and details of the dentist you found. I live in Hampshire.

Many thanks


LittleJo17 will send you a PM.


Hi cinnamon_girl. I've read this post with interest for I too am looking to get all 8 amalgam fillings removed. I also live in Hampshire and would greatly appreciate any advice you could share from your experience and/or details fo the dentist that you found. I also live in Hampshire. THank you kindly.


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