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Blood tests

Hi, I'm new to the group, so hi!

I've been suffering with dizziness, constant fatigue, blurry head - foggy, poor concentration, bad memory, and headaches. My feet are also freezing, but not sure if this is a symptom or not.

Docs are saying it's an inner ear issue; Menieres etc, I have the balance clinic next Wednesday.

Bloods show low Vit D & B12

My most recent blood tests show thyroid as follows;

THS 0.578 (0.27-4.2)

T3 4.4 (3.1-6.8)

T4 13.69 (12-22)

Can anyone advise if how I'm feeling could have anything to do with this?

Thank you 😊

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Just another thing - I constantly have to pee - getting up 2 or 3 times a night (I'm 35), in case that's relevant!!


Have you been diagnosed as hypo? Are you taking anything? Your Frees are pretty low. Are you taking anything for your low D and B12? Some of your symptoms could very well be low B12.

Night time peeing suggests low cortisol. Have you had your cortisol tested?

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I've not been diagnosed with anything - Doc says all results are normal :/

I'm taking D with K2, B12 tablets & spray.

I haven't had my cortisol tested.


Yes, he would say that. And, the only thing you can do is keep an eye on it. Test again in three or so months.

Meanwhile, optimise your nutrients. Are you taking a B complex with your B12? The Bs need to be kept balanced, because they all work together. Make sure you're taking enough vit D and B12. Nothing works if you don't take enough of it. And you also need your folate and ferritin tested.

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You are entitled to a print out of your tests including ranges. What actual dosages and which type of vitamins are you taking. ? Doctors say normal when they mean you are either in or near their guidline ranges ... That is not the same thing as " suits you perfectly".

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I'm taking 10,000 iu of D with k2, and a b complex, and b12 spray every day.

My folate is 5.7 & ferritin is 72

Things have been really hard recently - 2 kids & my own business, feeling like I'm on a boat every day for the past 11 weeks, and so tired, as if I've been awake all night.

I just want to rule out thyroid, so if my levels really are ok I'll just keep focusing on the vitamins ☺


Suggest you get hold of exact results for B12 and look at the PAS forum

Unfortunately supplementing B12 is going to skew further testing

symptoms of B12 deficiency


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Hi Gambit, my B12 is 392, and D 36 - I've posted on the PAS forum, and was just interested to see if the Thyroid results could be contributing :)

It seems to me that although my results are on the lower end for everything it's not low enough to push with the docs, or to get any sort of diagnosis...?


Unfortunately that is probably correct though it shouldn't be. B12 is definitely in the grey area. Wish GPs were more aware that serum B12 ranges are such that they are going to miss 30% of people who are deficient so they need to look at symptoms not just read numbers of a screen/piece of paper.

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