Help with blood tests please

Help with blood tests please

Hi not sure how to post my test results in a photo but will try .. I've recently been taking 20mg of T3 and 100mg of T4 and although I feel better than I did. I'm still getting headaches daily .. any advice would greatly be appreciated. I'm going to see my endo next week and don't want him to increase my T4 as I'm sure it's the levo giving me headaches as the have reduced on T3.

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  • Your ferritin is too low, but all the other results look decent for someone on T4 and T3 combo, althiough you might expect a slightly higher FT4 as you are taking a reasonable dose.

    Might be easier just to type up the relevant results next time. you have high anti-bodies - are you gluten free? Magnesium and hydration can often help with headaches.

  • Hi angel

    Thanks for your reply .. how do I increase ferritin ?

    I'm dairy free but not gluten free yet.

    I take 400mg magnesium and drink loads of bottled water.

  • Generally ferrous fumarate 210 x 2 or 3 a day for a couple of months is what your GP would prescribe to raise ferritin. Youcan get the same stuff from many pharmacies (eg Tesco) but you have to ask at the counter. Tell them you GP knows you are taking it, but it is half the price of a prescription. It is important to get ferritin tested again in about 3 months as its dangerous too high as well as too low.

    I would defintely try gluten-free (if not all processed grain-free).

  • Thanks angel .. I will attempt to go gluten free.

    But I take iron in a liquid form daily .. is this not the same as you mention in your post or do I need the ferrosious stuff too ?

  • If your ferritin levels are rising with the liquid iron (aim for a minimum of 70), then that's all you need. But most of the liquid iron products don't contain nearly as much iron as the tabletsd I mentioned (should be taken with vit C) and might not be strong enough to raise your levels.

  • Thanks angel .. I shall look into the tablets. .. thank you for your kind help

    I don't know what I'd do without this site x

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