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I went to an independent health store yesterday which has a great reputation he runs clinics also and treats people with any condition by way of natural organic supplements.

He put me on Sea kelp 200ug x 3 a day

Selenium 200 ug x 1 a day

Mega mineral complex x 2 a day

Plus to take my current high performance multi

He also mentioned liquid form of omega 7 which has to be stored cold any one taken this?

And does the above foremen tinned sound good.

My main concern is the hair loss I have which is no doubt down to my thyroid.

I am also going to go gluten free as of today and watch my diet.

But sadly coffee will have stay in my diet I know I need to cut it out but can I drink decaf? Yes I know it has no health benefits but let me have something as way of a treat!!

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No, it sounds pretty bad, to me. If you are hypo, you should not be taking sea kelp, as it is very high in iodine. In fact, no-one should take iodine unless they have tested low. Even then, they need to be under medical supervision, not just take a tablet and hope for the best.

What, exactly, is your current high-performance multi? I doubt it's much good, because these things shouldn't be taken in clumps like that, some things cancel each other out. And, the ingredients are often cheap and nasty, no matter how much you pay. It just isn't the right way of supplementing. And, I know some people get very attached to their particular multi, but don't shout at me, it's not I who decided multis aren't good. It's quite common knowledge. :) And, if he has such a great reputation, I would have thought he would know that.



I don't think you've been well advised. Sea Kelp is high in iodine which is contraindicated in hypothyroid patients. 600mcg is a very high dose. 150mcg is the max RDA most would advise. Supplementing iodine can induce Hashimoto's. There is plenty of advice on the forum if you input Iodine into the Search Thyroid UK box top right or read articles by Isabella Wentz, Chris Kresser, Hypothyroidmom and Mary Shoman.


I am afraid that the phrase "Conflict of Interest" flashes up in the style of the lights outside a Broadway show.

That might be grossly unfair on the person/people involved, but until it was demonstrated how the treament and supply are kept entirely separate, I wouldn't stop seeing the sign...


Couldn't agree more, especially when someone is advised to take high doses of kelp for their thyroid problem. There is so much info out there about thyroid conditions that anyone with a genuine interest in helping a client with a thyroid problem has no excuse for being ignorant. If your thyroid is incapable of producing the hormones, no amount of kelp or iodine is going to change that as it's just flogging a dead horse!

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And none of the prescription-quality desiccated thyroid products is organic.

(RLC have said that they would like to make such a product, but nothing ever seems to happen. There probably has to be widespread availability or organic pork before there is the remotest chance of it happening.)


Organic or not, if it's prescription quality it can't be sold in a health store. Well not in the UK anyway. And by the time it's been through all the processing to get it into pills, I doubt the organic aspect would have any relevance at all. It would just be an excuse to charge even more.

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I'll only comment on the coffee as I agree with everything else said.

Proper coffee or instant?

Do you get a kick out of coffee? I never have, am not a coffee connoisseur, I just know what tastes nice to me and what doesn't.

If you want an instant decaffeinated then I like Carter Noire and stock up when on offer at the Co-op or Asda.


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