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Latest results - can you help please?

Latest results - can you help please?

Hello there

So... after remaining undiagnosed and getting more ill I decided to self medicate a few months ago. I have been on a maintenance dose of 1 grain of WP Thyroid for around 2 months. I have been doing okay though was knocked sideways with a virus for 5 weeks in November. I recovered in time for Christmas, even did lots of cleaning/running around and managed to see in the New Year for the first time in about 6 years. I had less fatigue, lost a couple of pounds, and my digestion was better (though still suffering lots with sinus problems and feeling a little low).

Anyway, my latest BH results are attached. (the test was done at 6.30am before I took NDT). My free T4 is coming in as low (the report with the results said they 'guessed I was taking T3 only rather than levo and that an adjustment in my medication might be needed). My Vit D, Ferritin, folate are doing better and I am still supplementing as I know there is room for improvement.

Following these results I have increased by 1/4 grain (I started off very slowly and have done all my increases very slowly). Have I done the right thing? I was thinking of increasing before my results and just felt like my body needed it (was craving it?? does that sound silly??) so have gone with my instinct. Am I right? My fatigue has been creeping back in and I feel like I want to isolate myself from people/be on my own plus feeling a bit low. I hope the increase will help????

Obviously my CRP is VERY worrying, even when my liver function tests have been very high (I have been investigated for autoimmune hepatitis) my CRP was always okay. However, I did read somewhere that CRP is made in the liver so if the liver isn't working then it won't make the CRP. Maybe my liver is now working better because of the medication and so now is flagging that I have inflammation. I always knew I did because my fingers are often swollen and the finger joints painful. I have osteoarthritis in them but, again, never has the CRP showed up high or any other inflammatory markers.

So, can you tell me how I am doing and should I have increased and what should I do next. Sorry for all the questions. It is a bit scary going it alone and I don't know what i would do without you all! MP xx

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So, are you on T3 only? If so, you'll want to increase T4 a little like maybe 25mcg.

Your vitamin D is on the floor. It us needed for your immune system to work, among other important tasks. Go up to 10,000 IUs daily then retest in 3 months or so... ideal will be around 150.

With the vitamin D, you might also take vitamin A to help your immune systen, maybe 15,000 IUs or maybe cod liver oil.

Your adrenals are likely very stressed, which tracks with your recent illness and fatigue. Do a 24 hour saliva adrenal cortisol test. You might look into an adrenal support product, but get tested first. Vitamin C and B5 would help.

But something else is going on. Why is your CRP so high? Has it been high in the past, before the recent virus? Things to consider:

- an anti-inflammatory diet - nutrient dense, lots of vegetables, health fats and adequate protein. Without grains, alcohol, sugar and milk products.

- other viral or bacterial infections, like chlamydia or mycoplasma pneumoniae, Lyme, Bartonella, cytomegalovirus, HHV6, Cocksackie, parvovirus or Epstein Barr? Or mold?

- leaky gut due to hidden food allergies, bacterial imbalance, candida, etc.k

- toxicity - lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or chemical exposure?

- cancer?

Best of luck in finding out. Be persistent to find answers before something worse happens... it's not easy but you'll be glad you did.


Thanks for your reply. I am on NDT so combination of T4 and T3. I already take that amount of Vit D (before my result was even lower) and cod liver oil, Vit C etc. But my diet hasn't always been great. I have needed sugar and carbs for energy. Now that I am self medicating I have been able to cut back loads on the sugar and carbs which is why I think I lost a bit of weight. But totally on board with what you say about diet, I definitely need to be totally sugar free and gluten free too. I am working on that, not finding it easy though!

My cortisol has been high in the past (24 hour urine test) so I do supplement for my adrenals when I feel I need it (times of stress, illness).

But yes, what is going on with the CRP? Definitely need to look at that again but I will try starting with an anti-inflammatory diet.

Have already increased my NDT as you suggested so hopefully that will help with that side of things.

Thanks again for your help. MP x


Diet is key. If you're eating enough protein (1.2g/kg) and healthy fats (50% of your calories), you shouldn't be craving carbs. And lots of vegetables.

Sugar and carbs feed cancer, inflammation, diabetes, heart disease,etc

Look into taking Seriplhos before bed for your adrenals.

And be good to yourself. Sleep well, meditate, get toxic people out if your life, exercise moderately, and eat well.


Aw thank you. I definitely am trying to do all of that and be kind to myself. Seriphos is what i take for my adrenals but I do need to work a bit more on improving sleeping patterns too as well as my diet. You are absolutely right on that score. Sugar is evil. It is my worst enemy. I was sugar free before Christmas for nearly 3 weeks but then of course Christmas came and it went out of the window somewhat. But it does show I can have the will power to do it. Just sometimes especially before medicating my energy levels were on the floor and no matter how hard i tried, I had to eat sugar to even have the energy to blink! Back on the waggon now though. Along with the no alcohol waggon and anything else I love, like crisps! Lets hope the lessening of sugar will reduce my inflammation. It could be my liver has flared again though (positive ANA in the past and high liver function tests could mean something is going on there - though of course the same diet rules apply!).

MP xx



FT4 is often low and sometimes below range when taking NDT. It's not important, concentrate on FT3. FT3 5.6 is good but there is scope to increase dose to raise FT3. You can probably increase by another 1/4 grain in a couple of weeks if your symptoms don't improve.


Thanks Clutter, really appreciate your reply. I thought I had read that somewhere re: the FT4 possibly being low on NDT. My TSH has lowered, which is good, and I have no hyper symptoms so that's why I went for it and increased by a 1/4. I will see how I go on and then as you suggest, maybe try another 1/4 in a few weeks if I don't improve. I think I must be one of those people that needs my T3 to be at the very top of the range to feel okay, I suspect I struggle getting it into my cells/tissue resistance. Thanks again! MP xx


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