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Latest test results - help please

I know that I should understand these things better by now but I am still confused.

Symptom wise - I am extraordinarily tired and have no motivation, I also have a foggy brain. Weight is up and some pain in bones and joints, very low recovery if I do anything (don't do much as I have no energy at all) breathless very easily.

I am on 112.5 Levo (was once as high as 137 but they reduced it down again as it had increased by heart rate)

Tests results are

TSH 0,168 mUI/L (0.35 - 4.94)

T4L 11,60 ng/L (7 - 14.8)

T3L 2,90 ng/L (1.71 - 3.71)

I had by Vit D tested last month and they said that was OK at 37 ng/ml

My TL4 has not changed since the change of dose (7 weeks ago) and then my TSH was 0.052. My T3L has not been tested since before my TT and at 10 12 12 it was 2,52 - and at that time I was on medication to reduce the thyroid in my system prior to the operation.

Does this mean anything to anyone - I need to now go and see my GP with these results and I need to get my head sorted. I need something to happen to make me feel better.


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Two other results not mentioned above but they appear without ranges.

T4L 15,0 pmol/L

T3L 4,45 pmol/L

Not entirely sure why there are these second readings

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could be the total T4 and T3 whereas the others are Free T4 and T3 ?? i.e. the available to use sort.


As I'm not on medication I can't really say - except the 'Frees' should be towards top of range, TSH is unreliable anyway, you could consider some folks do not need so much in the summer too (or with better VitD levels??) also see Marrams' post below J :D


Sorry the L is Free or Libre here in France


Hello France

As I have not had a TT I am probably not the best person to interpret these results but what were the reference ranges for your Vit D test. My test was 37.8 nmol/L (Insufficiency) but I can't convert to your readings.


mine was 37 ng/ml and on the report it states that 30 - 80 ng/ml is normal


Here's a converter... (your 37 ng/ml result converts to 92 nmol/L - your range goes to 200nmol/l)


I think we usually see nmol/L here in UK (greater than 50 is adequate, 80 better, my last test was 100+ optimal for me!)



Hi France - your free T3 (T3Libre) - The picomoles per litre (the second readings) is not a lot of use without the range, but looking at the nanograms per litre figure - 2.9 in a range of 1.71 - 3.71 it is a bit above the middle but would be better nearer the top of the range. The same applies to the T4, it is above the middle but could be a bit higher.

If you felt fine, they would not be bad, but as you do not feel fine, then clearly you have room for improvement.

Your vitamin D level would be OK for a normal thyroid, but you might like to read this on Vitamin D and the optimal levels for a hypothyroid patient:


It is from Mary Shomon who publishes so much invaluable information.

thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm... - some more from the main TUK Website which you might like to look at. It is possible that optimising your essential vitamin levels could help with conversion of T4 to T3.

Marie XX


France, I have the same problem, low TSH , and FT4 and FT3 which are below being helpful but when I try to raise the dose I feel overmedicated. I agree your vitamin D might support that if you can get your numbers more toward 80. Your iron and cortisol must also be correct if everything is going work together.



Are you taking T4 only - I am not sure whether I can get T3 prescribed in France, but I am also not sure if it would help. I cannot get NDT here at all, so cannot give that a try.


I was on T4 for six years and on Armour for 10 years. I think I may have adrenal problems and KNOW my vitamin D is way too low. That's why I think those have to be addressed and then maybe your T4 will work better for you and you could possibly increase your dose without feeling overmedicated.


Vit D level of 37 ng/ml result converts to 92 nmol/L which is good - could be something else??? have you checked irons ferritin folate B12 for starters? (sorry cortisol is a mystery to me).


I am going to ask the GP when I see him on Friday about adrenals etc. You know how it is though, I seem to have been moaning to them for so long I hate suggesting anything else - they must think I am a neurotic! I just need to try and understand what could be wrong before I go.


We try to get all facts, seems like forever that I have made a case before each doc/consultant visit - sadly not got anywhere yet, I'm 'unbelievable', yet supplementing with only Vit D made me feel better but adversely caused stoopid TSH to become low, 1.69 from 5.24 - had 5 high blood results over 2 and a half years so no action, ONE low result meant I was discharged as now 'normal' from ENT care (who cut me) keep researching and questioning - everyone is different - hope you feel better soon J xx


Well I saw the GP this morning and looking at the above results he felt that I was probably still on too high a dose of LEVO. He thinks most of my symptoms are probably more linked to depression. (My heart did sink).

Anyway he has decided to change me from Levo to Euthyral 100 (which i believe has 25 of T3 already in there). So maybe this will make some difference. Has anyone had any experience with this medication?

Fingers crossed


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