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Seeking more help

Can I ask anyone to help with these blood tests, taken for my 6 monthly diabetic checkup . This is ok by the way

Ferritin 78 ug/L Range 30.00-470.000ug/L

B12 1547ng/L 180.00-900ng/L

Red blood count 117g/L 120.00-150.00g/L

There are more, but I would be glad for advice on these ones.

I take B12 , Maintenance now , 1000mg

Liver once a week. Gentle iron 20mg + vit C

Should I reduce B12, might add that I've lost the pins and needles in feet and hands!!

Also I've started taking forte vit D 3 4000i.u (100mcg) + Vit K2

Just had 2 doses of D3, I had been taking k2 with small amount of d3 in with no problem, however, had some side effects , some odd pains and a hot and sore mouth.

It's a lot to ask, but with the advice I have had in the past , it has made such a lot of difference to how I feel, so thanks in anticipation. X

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Gcart I would reduce your B12. Maybe take it three days a week now as a maintenance dose. That's what I did when mine showed 1300. I know that B12 results will be skewed when supplementing and we should leave it off for about 4 months to see what we are holding on to, but testing whilst supplementing shows what that dose is achieving I believe. What about Folate?

I would want to discuss the below range red blood cell count with my GP

Ferritin should be half way through it's range, that range is very wide. As it is quite low in the range, again discuss with your GP in conjunction with your low red blood cell count.

Check your Vit D and K2 supplements for fillers/excipients, you could be reacting to something. I used a D3 softgel which contained only cholecalciferol plus olive oil, no other ingredients.


Hi folate wasn't done Susie.

😕 eating all my greens , discovered kale, which is quite nice with some butter




Ferritin is optimal half way through range so you could continue supplementing iron and vitamin C.

You could reduce B12 dose. High levels aren't harmful but there's no point in peeing out expensive supplements.

RBC is mildly below range. I'm not sure whether that is significant as a one off result.

Iron and vitamin D should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


Thanks Susie and Clutter for that. Xx


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