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Advice from you fine people, on increasing my meds please!

I self medicate on NDT and take extra T3 as well.

I am 7wks pregnant.

Free T3 is 3.8 (3.50-6.50)

Free T4 is 6 (10-22)

TSH is 0.12 (0.10-4)

Usually my T3 is in the upper quarter, so as you would expect, the demands of pregnancy show I need to up my T3 a bit. My question is, do you think I need to up my T4 as well? (Pre pregnancy, my T4 was 6, and my TSH was 0.05 so they have come down.)

On another note, I had to see a different doc today to pick up these test results, (which I dreaded as I thought I'd have to give him my "self medicating" life story!) who was really positive and open minded about my self medication and said that I would be the expert in this situation and that he is happy to take his lead from me, and encouraged me to have blood tests every 4 weeks (he asked what "my plan" was, and I suggested the 4weekly tests) and keep them in the loop. He said that in 10yrs he predicted he'd be able to prescribe T3/T4 to most under active thyroid patients......

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That's nice you had an amenable Endocrinologist and he's interested in T4/T3 combinations.

When we add T3 into the mix, whether on T4 or NDT, our T4 will be lower.


Does that mean that you think I should raise t3 only?


I am not medically qualified to advise but, disregarding the TSH, you can choose to increase either NDT or T3. I will give you a couple of links:-

These links may be helpful:

Go to the date January 21, 2003 on

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Thanks for the links!


He was a GP, not an endo!


Where can you go for Free T3 and T4 Testing? Pls advise.


My GP did mine. (Mine will only test T3 if T4 results are out of range. My T4 is always out of range because I take NDT & it suppresses t4. This one time where their lack of knowledge is a bonus for me!) if yours won't test, get a private test with " Blue Horizon",


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