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Advice on test results please


Hi! Happy new year to everyone! I haven't posted for a while as I have had issues with an abnormal ECG that showed a T wave inversion. As I also get missed beats and palpitations I asked the consultant if it was linked to my thyroid and he ignored the question as insignificant :/ He also ignored the high ferritin on my last test but I do have frozen shoulder so maybe it was that but he wasn't concerned. After a few heart tests I have now been discharged as ECG must be normal for me! :/ I am now on 100mg levothyroxine but as my own doctor wouldn't test me again I has a test at blue horizon as I am still feeling tired depressed and fat! I told my doctor that I don't eat much anyway so he just said "well eat less!" Harsh I thought!

Are the test results ok, I had them done about 11am as the phlebotomist was running late but didn't take the Levo before.

TSH 0.479 (0.270-4.2)

Free T4 17.06 (12-22)

Free T3 4.5 (3.1-6.8)

Any advice much appreciated!

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Hi! Thank you very much for your reply. My ferritin results were posted here about 7 months ago and people advised me at the time to get it checked but when i went for my ecg the doctor didn't seem concerned by it:

Active B12 85 pmol/L (25.1-165.0)

Folate (serum) 10.8 og/L (4.6-18.7)

Ferritin 250 ug/L (13-150)

I've had frozen shoulder for over a year now and it's so hard to get dressed but I have adapted. It pulls me up with a sharp pain when I forget about it and reach for something.

My ecg showed T wave inversion in four leads so I had an Mri which showed fat round the heart but was told that anybody could have this on an mri. They couldn't find the reason for the T wave inversion so have just put it down to me :\

I kept telling the consultant (heart consultant) about being on levo but he just ignored me and said it wouldn't affect the heart yet I have since googled it and found it can.

I have now been put on 10mg of statin but have yet to start it as I don't like the thought of statins.

I also worry if a higher dose of levothyroxine would affect my missed beats as sometimes my heart races too.

Cara, very dismaying to read this go-around. It's discouraging that they avoid the very thing that would help you and then give you things that may only make you worse. Your ferritin being so high means you have inflammation. Some of this could be fluid build-up.

What would help ALL of this? T3

By the way, you don't have a deficiency of statin drugs but you might have another deficiency if you take it, namely, co enzyme Q 10 which is vital to your heart muscle by the way.

Sometimes I feel like there is conspiracy to keep everyone from having T3.

Cara20007 in reply to Heloise

Hi Heloise thanks for your reply, how would T3 help? I'm very new to all this having been 25 mg Levo for so many years and now on 100mg in the last year.

Heloise in reply to Cara20007

Cara, for at least one hundred years, hypothyroid patients were given natural thyroid from pigs because they have very similar hormone to human and it was very successful. It was because it contains the elements of T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.

But they began making T4 in the lab; that is what your replacement hormone consists of so you receive a synthetic T4 and your body now has to process it. You have to convert that synthetic T4 into T3 where it becomes usable to the tissue and into cells. If anything goes wrong during the processing you may have problems. Your levels above all seem too low and ferritin, too high so you may not be getting much T3, even the T3 your body is making. In fact, when you don't process T4 very well, you will end up with reverse T3 which is less than useful. Reverse T3 CAN be measured but as you have found, they really don't investigate thyroid problems and many people go to Blue Horizon labs for private testing, You were on such a low dose and now at a 100, does this mean your own thyroid was working well enough for your needs or have you just been under medicated for years? The only person I've known on such a low dose of T4 was my 90 year old mother in law. Plus, if you remain hypo for long you will compound the problems with other deficiencies; B12, vitamin D, etc. etc. probably due to low stomach acid. It's a vicious cycle that could probably be avoided with proper treatment from the start.

There are many good articles that will help you learn what you need to know.

Cara20007 in reply to Heloise

Thanks Heloise. I'm sure I've been under medicated for years as I never questioned the doctor. It was only after being on this forum that got my dose increased to 100. I don't like to argue and find doctors very intimidating and have always respected their judgement. At the time I was put on years ago I was concerned about tiredness and the doctor thought I might have angina but this was never proven so they left me on 25mg for years and I just kept feeling worse all the time. Thanks for the referral to the articles :)

Heloise in reply to Cara20007

Cara, if you get angry enough, will that stop the intimidation? Let me tell you what they have done to both of us. By being under medicated:

1. your metabolism is slower and you burn 17 calories less per hour than normal people.

2. the lack of hormone to your finding enlarged left ventricle and lag in the r wave. Someone mentioned t waves also. I don't know about that but my ecg showed what I mentioned.

3. your stomach lining is effected and probably interfering with the acid you need to digest properly

4. poor digestion causes all sorts of deficiencies and especially B12

5. B12 deficiencies cause

Weakness, tiredness, or light-headedness

Rapid heartbeat and breathing

Pale skin

Sore tongue

Easy bruising or bleeding, including bleeding


Stomach upset and weight loss

Diarrhea or constipation

If you can't muster the courage, take someone with you but absorb some of the basic information first.

I could go on and on. I have been posting these five minutes videos by a functional neurologist. If you have time, you should watch all of them to see the problems that low thyroid causes throughout the whole endocrine system. This is #1 and #2 regarding serotonin and dopamine.

If it was me I'd try everything else before statins!

Cara20007 in reply to silverfox7

Hi Silverfox7 why would you not take statins?

Heloise in reply to Cara20007

And why do they want you to take statins? Is it because your cholesterol is high? When you treat your hypothyroidism, that will go down.

silverfox7 in reply to Cara20007

Apart from friends not happy with them I found this the other day

Cara20007 in reply to silverfox7

Hi silverfox7 the link doesn't work?

silverfox7 in reply to Cara20007

Bother. I just copied the link I got and I'm not a whizz kid to be able to play about with it but will try!


This took me to the main site so searched Statins. Didn't take me to the thing I'd seen before but said some of it but mostly about cholesterol which is why statins are given in the first place. It did say they would email a free 8 page article which I was about to access and then lost HU which is being iffy about logging in at the moment! Grrr but we learnt at the conference that it's not right to say we must lower our cholesterol, that's harmful. I'll go and work out why site isn't storing my details! Basically though I see others are saying the same thing from different sources.

Marz in reply to Cara20007

This earlier thread on High levels of cholesterol may help you. When you have read lots and gained information - it will give you the confidence and knowledge to ask meaningful questions of your GP. Probably questions he will not be able to answer or want to as he is governed by Guidelines - ones that are keeping people ill.

Typing Cholesterol into the search box on the Green Bar at the top of this page - then press Enter on your Keyboard and more posts will appear.

It is not possible to have GOOD or BAD cholesterol as they are one and the same thing. A Carrier protein.

There is a book on amazon called - Thyroid and Heart Failure. It's a compilation of the research done in Italy about LOW T3 and the performance of the Heart. It's very expensive but you can peep at the contents on-line and that should tell you that T3 is the star of the show :-) It was the first time Endocrinologists and Cardiologists had come together for research purposes.

Cara20007 in reply to Marz

Hi Marz, thankyou so much for those articles! The book looks amazing, I've had a look inside via Amazon but obviously can't see the bits I would love to see...very expensive! I really hadn't realised how linked the thyroid and heart are and can't believe that the ECG consultant I saw ignored my questions on me taking levothyroxine. He was just the heart function by exercise testing ( which I was rubbish at) and MRI that was inconclusive as I refused the stress part which was an injection to make my heart race to see what happened. Also the other link was so relevant as I was offered tablets for depression which I refused :/

I will try to ask for armour but I don't think it's available in uk but at least I may get some T3 added to my Levo if possible when I see my gp next week

Marz in reply to Cara20007

Try googling Low T3 syndrome - it may thro up some interesting articles :-)

Marz in reply to Marz

This is just one piece of research done by the Italian guys that wrote the book that I mentioned earlier :-)

silverfox7 in reply to Cara20007

Statins news, articles and information:


Statin use can lead to heart failure: research

7/10/2014 - Promoters of statin drugs for high cholesterol often claim that this particular class of pharmaceutical is no more harmful than a placebo, providing vast benefits without inflicting any harm. But credible scientific research suggests otherwise, having determined in multiple instances that taking statins...

Why statins side effects may (literally) be killing you

5/22/2014 10:57:20 PM - Millions of Americans take statins to lower their cholesterol levels. While these highly prescribed drugs may seem like a magical cure-all for high cholesterol, the truth is that statins lead to a multitude of dangerous -- and sometimes fatal -- conditions. Read on to learn why statins' side effects...

Who, if anyone, should take statins?

6/10/2013 - Recently, Dr. John McDougall wrote an incredible article regarding statin drugs entitled, Who Should Take Cholesterol-lowering Statins? Everyone or No One? It is an article that anyone with any type of heart problems or anyone taking statin drugs should read. His website is drmcdougall,com and to...

New study: Statin TV commercials have serious side effects (no joke!)

3/10/2013 - Watching television commercials funded by Big Pharma to promote statin drugs could injure your health. Sound crazy? Read on. A new study by Dr. Jeff Niederdeppe from Cornell University and colleagues concludes that TV ads appear to drive over-diagnosis of high cholesterol and over-treatment with...

Another nail in the coffin for statin drugs - New research finds statins increase artery calcification

8/31/2012 - In yet another blow to the claimed benefits of statin drugs, newly published research has found that statin drug use leads to accelerated coronary artery and aortic artery calcification, both of which greatly contribute to cardiovascular disease and mortality. The new study comes on top of findings...

Big pharma 'research' suggests all people over 50 should take statins every day for life

5/20/2012 - Big pharma propaganda has reached a new height in the UK this week, with the release of a new study that appears to show the benefits of taking statins. The report goes on to claim that everyone over 50 years of age should be taking the drug on a daily basis, for the rest of their lives. According...

Prominent heart doctor exposes the myths about cholesterol, statins and low fat diets

4/10/2012 - Renowned heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell recently stepped forward to expose how embracing the high cholesterol myth has been wrong and the harm that has resulted, stating that the recommendations to lower cholesterol and severely restrict fat intake "are no longer scientifically or morally defensible." Dr....

Statins can cause muscle damage without necessarily exhibiting pain symptoms

3/14/2012 - If you take statin drugs to lower your cholesterol levels, these medications could be damaging your muscles without you even knowing it. Several studies not typically mentioned by the pro-statin drug lobby reveal that HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors can cause skeletal muscle damage that may not always...

FDA mandates new safety warnings for statin drugs due to risks of memory loss, diabetes and muscle pain

3/3/2012 - On February 28, federal health officials added new safety alerts to the prescribing information for statin drugs, citing increased risks of memory loss, diabetes and muscle pain. It is the first time the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially linked statins to cognitive problems...

Statins increase diabetes in postmenopausal women by seventy percent

2/1/2012 - The result of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine finds that statin use in postmenopausal women significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes. In spite of this damning evidence, researchers do not recommend that the American Diabetes Association guidelines for primary and...

Study - statin drugs linked to higher diabetes risk

1/12/2012 - A new study confirms a dangerous statin drug side effect: diabetes. Researchers at Harvard Medical School report women over the age of 45 are much more likely to develop diabetes if they're taking a statin drug. The study followed more than 153,000 postmenopausal women who enrolled in the Women's...

Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression

4/19/2011 - The growing list of serious negative side effects caused by statin drugs now includes memory loss and depression, according to a new study published in the Cochrane Library. Researchers discovered that the vast majority of drug trials allegedly showing statins to be safe have been conducted by drug...

Statins prove useless, ineffective in children with lupus

11/13/2010 - The push to expand the market for statin drugs has hit a major roadblock. A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology has revealed that the "preventive" administration of statin drugs does nothing to prevent children with lupus from developing atherosclerosis,...

Statins Cause Serious Structural Muscle Damage

8/27/2009 - If there is a super star in Big Pharma's list of money making drugs, it may well be the group of medications known as statins. The New York Times reported last year that statins are, in fact, the biggest selling drugs in the world. Their names, like Lipitor and Crestor, are familiar from countless television...

Statins Given to Prevent Pneumonia in Elderly Actually Increase Pneumonia Risk by 61 Percent

7/14/2009 - Published reports say that between 11 million to 30 million Americans are taking the supposedly wonder drugs called statins. These cholesterol lowering medications brought in over $34 billion in sales last year and have raked in a quarter of a trillion dollars since they were introduced two decades...

Statins Cause Heart Attacks in Some Users

3/30/2009 - Over 38 million people in the U.S. are currently taking statin drugs to lower high cholesterol levels. However, German scientists at the Martin Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg have just published research in the Journal of Lipid Research that shows, for some people, taking statins actually increases...

Another Blow to Magic Bullet Drugs: Statins Impair Brains

2/24/2009 - Statin drugs can reduce soaring cholesterol levels, according to countless ads touting these supposed "wonder" drugs, that means they are brimming with health benefits because they lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. The problem is a host of side effects from eye problems and muscle pain to heart...

Researchers Detail Statin Drug Dangers

2/9/2009 - With familiar and widely-advertised names like Levacor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lipitor, and Crestor, statin drugs have become some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world. In fact, the medications (technically a class of drugs called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) have been so hyped as a pill-popping...

Statins Raise Prostate Cancer Risk of Obese Men

1/3/2009 - A study conducted earlier this year at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research in Seattle found that the use of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, especially when used long-term, seems to raise the risk of prostate cancer among obese men. Background Statin drugs inhibits the enzyme which controls...

Despite the Hype, Statin Drugs Found Medically Useless in Preventing Alzheimer's

9/8/2008 - Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs do not provide any protection against Alzheimer's disease, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology. "This study adds to the growing...

The Statin Scam Marches On

12/12/2007 - Considering that tens of millions of Americans now take statins to lower cholesterol, the following headline was conspicuously absent from the major media this month: "Statins Found To Turn On Gene That Causes Muscle Damage." It's now a fact of science; a new study shows that taking statins destroys...

Public Comment Date Announced for Sale of Behind the Counter Drugs

10/18/2007 - FDA announces public comment date for Behind the Counter (BTC) sales of prescription medications On October 3, 2007 the FDA posted FDA Docket number 2007N-0356 announcing that it is open to public comment on November 14, 2007. According to the FDA this docket "regards the behind-the-counter (BTC)...

Statin drugs expose patients to dangerous, debilitating side effects

1/8/2007 - Millions of Americans take statin drugs to help lower their cholesterol, making it one of the most popular classes of prescription drugs on the market today, but like most prescription medications, these drugs are often unnecessary, as most Americans could lower their LDL (bad) cholesterol levels simply...

High Doses of Statins Carry Dangers, Swedish Report Says (press release)

7/14/2006 - A Swedish warning on the potential risks of using statins in high doses has triggered strong criticism from some of the top U.S. cardiologists. The timing of the debate is apt: Recently revised recommendations in the United States call for lowering cholesterol more than ever before as a way of reducing...

Despite the claims of the mainstream media, Lesco and other statins are not magic bullets for cholesterol

6/20/2006 - We all want a "quick fix" for disorders like high cholesterol, it seems. We want to be able to eat all the pizza and cheeseburgers we want and then take a magic pill so all the LDL cholesterol running through our bloodstream just disappears. No matter what the statin drug commercials tell you, there...

Statin drug side effects list

7/15/2004 - Here's a quick list of known side effects caused by taking statin drugs. People who take statins have suffered ravaging health consequences, including permanent damage to their liver, muscles and nervous system. Statins frequently cause people to lose their memories or feel confused. Here's the full...

If prescription drugs are so good, where are all the healthy drug takers?

7/15/2004 - When observing the state of modern medicine and the unprecedented influence of pharmaceuticals, an interesting paradox arises. The drug companies claim that pharmaceuticals can do wonders for people: lower their cholesterol, end clinical depression, reverse osteoporosis, eliminate allergies, calm your...

Corruption exposed: drug companies gave grants, consulting fees to panelists who issued new cholesterol guidelines that are driving demand for statins

7/15/2004 - The new cholesterol lowering guidelines are proving to be a windfall for statin drug manufacturers like Pfizer and Merck: most news articles and medical advice concerning the new guidelines recommend drugs -- and drugs only -- to reduce cholesterol level. As a result, the guidelines are perhaps better...

Health officials launch the great statin marketing con by announcing that tens of millions of people suddenly need lower cholesterol

7/12/2004 - It's the pharmaceutical industry's marketing hype machine in full action: a new announcement that all of a sudden everybody should pursue drastically lower cholesterol levels. Previously, the recommended level was 130. Now it's suddenly 100, and can you guess what people are being urged to do in order...

Medical fraud alert: cholesterol lowering statin drugs save zero lives, says comprehensive research published in JAMA

7/6/2004 - The hype about statin drugs is relentless these days. Physicians are urging patients to take statins even when they don't have high cholesterol. The American Diabetes Association, for its part, ridiculously suggests that all diabetic patients should be on statins just in case scientists one day discover...

Mass media hypes up statins, calling them wonder drugs while ignoring their dangerous side effects

7/1/2004 - The mass media hype about statins has reached stratospheric proportions. USA Today, in this article, calls statins a "wonder drug" and poses the ridiculous question, "Should statins be in every medicine cabinet?" Statins are extremely potent prescription drugs with dangerous side effects that include...

Viagra use causes infertility, says study; statins interfere with sex hormones

5/18/2004 5:05:25 PM - The irony is hard to miss: men who take Viagra may be shooting blanks according to new research conducted at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Viagra, it seems, causes sperm cells to premature release digestive enzymes that normally break down the wall of the egg. As a result,...

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Sorry this was the only way I could do it! Long winded yes but gets a lot of points across!

Cara20007 in reply to silverfox7


silverfox7 in reply to Cara20007

I know a lot of comments go far back but I've not seen anything that says it's all wrong plus the fact that it's the drug companies that are pushing them enough said!

Hi reallyfedup123 thanks for your reply, why would NDT be necessary and how can you tell if I'm not converting if the levels are within the range? Thankyou!

greygoose in reply to Cara20007

Cara, it's not a question of just being 'in range', it's a question of where in the range. The rule of thumb is that if your FT4 is higher in its range than the FT3 in its, then you aren't converting well. The FT4 should be lower.

Your FT3 is just below mid-range, which is too low - most people need it up near the top of the range to feel well. But also, your FT4 is just below mid-range, so you haven't got much T4 to convert. Seems to me that what you need is - at the very least - an increase in T4, and when it's a bit higher we'll be able to see whether you're converting or not.

NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) contains both T4 and T3 (and probably others) because our thyroids, when they are working correctly, produce both. It's the T3 that our bodies have most need of. And if we don't co if we don't convert very well, NDT gives us more of what we need.

The consultant probably ignored your question because he just has no idea! None of them have any idea about thyroid. But, in any case, one can never say with certainty that something is 'nothing to do with your thyroid' - unless, of course, one knows for certain that something else is causing it - because thyroid hormone is needed by every single cell in the body, and if there's not enough of it (or too much) all sorts of things can - and do - go wrong. It can be responsible for anything and everything - either directly or indirectly. And as you are still hypo, all your problems could be caused by low thyroid. Your low

TSH could have been due to the time at which the blood was taken, and doesn't mean in anyway mean that you are on the correct dose - the low frees are witness to the fact that you aren't.

Hugs, Grey

Cara20007 in reply to greygoose

Thanks for your reply greygoose. The consultant never discussed my thyroid with me, just the fact that a health check ECG was showing T wave inversion so as he couldn't find the reason for it recommended a statin instead of the fenofibrate I was taking due to high blood fat. I have made an appointment to see my doctor next week but I'm not sure she will change my medication. It was a male doctor at the practice who just told me to eat less so I daren't go back to him. I will also mention my frozen shoulder as the doctor got annoyed with me as the X-Ray showed nothing so she said I should expect it at my age :( this was a year ago and it's still bad

greygoose in reply to Cara20007

Male or female, that advice was just wrong for anybody, but epecially for someone as hypo as you. You should report him before he kills someone!

Don't take statins. The cause so many other problems. They are just bad.

Is it not possible for you to change to another practice where there might actually be a doctor with a few brain cells? Seems to me time for you to take charge of your own health.

I had a lot of palpitations, tachycardia, breathlessness and tightness in my chest. My ecg showed t wave abnormality. Endo said it was normal to feel like that! My gp felt it was the levo, so I stopped and it solved my cardiac symptoms. I've been to cardiac consultant and she said she was beyond doubt that the levo was causing my problem. Now I'm searching for a new endo! I am NOT advising you to stop your medication, all I am saying is keep searching til you get the answers you need to feel well. Levo and cardiac symptoms can be related. Good luck!

I saw my doctor yesterday and she said she couldn't increase my Levo as my TSH is normal :/ I have terrible ringing in my ears, frozen shoulder, really bad aching hip so I can hardly walk some days but that comes and goes, abnormal Ecgs, split thumb nails and feel rough. I showed the doctor Dr Tofts book open at the page about medication, showed her my blue lab rest results and all she could offer me was a steroid injection for my shoulder. I really don't know what the answer is....I'm not going to take my statins though!

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