Numb Feeling Toes/Ball of Feet

Have suffered this for some time, originally started in one foot, GP checked and said was due to a bunion. It then spread to both feet. GP has now requested B12 & other things, blood test which I am having today. However, I started taking 25mcg a day T3 ten days ago and the numb feeling is going, ball of feet clear and some toes now clear? I will go and have the blood test but wondered if anyone can offer any advice as to what this is? Thanks

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  • Hi, I discovered my 'numb' pad of toe and tingling down my leg went with magnesium oil spray and idea which one worked but leaning towards the magnesium... Hope that helps

  • Shelly1954,

    Low B12 can cause numbness and pins and needles in hands and feet so possibly the 25mcg B12 has helped although it is a very low dose.

  • Hi Clutter sorry I didn't make it clear, it's T3 25mch I have started taking and that seems to be clearing the numbness?

  • Smudger1,

    Okay, perhaps the numbness was caused by low FT3 then?

  • Is that a symptom then?

  • Smudger1,

    Not that I'm aware of but perhaps it is for you.

  • I used to get terribly numb feet before I got my low B12 treated.

  • The things is I have been testeed for B12 yesterday but in the menatime, I have started taking T3 and the numbness has 60% gone since I strated taking it.

  • Maybe that is all you needed then. Post what your B12 result is once you get it, as it is often low in us thyroid folk.


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