B12 Result in - following 'numb' feeling in toes

Got the result after being tested because of strange sort of numb sensation in toes and ball of feet. The result was 678 range 180-1000 so te surgery have said this is normal. Looks OK to me. As mentioned in previous post since taking T3, now just starting 3rd week, the sensation is gradually disappearing. Seeing GP next week, not sure what she will say regarding the T3 clearing the symptom. Any comments gratefully received. Have to say T3 is amazing, aches/pains gone, constipation gone, metabolism speeded up and of course the feet issue.

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  • Shelley1954,

    B12 678 is very good, you're unlikely to have B12 deficiency at that level and as there is improvement in the numbness and aches and pains since starting T3 perhaps they were all due to low FT3.

    I don't understand what you mean by "not sure what she will say regarding the T3 clearing the symptom."

  • When I saw her with the toe thing, I said I hope this isnt a thyroid issue cause over the last couple of years that is all we have discussed. She replied No it wont be. I told her I was going to self medicate, she is fine about that and said they may get permission to prescribe yet. I dont want her to think I am trying to say T3 has solved it and all the other issues, which it has, but if she didnt think it would be thyroid related not sure what she will think. If that makes sense.

  • Shelley1954,

    Well she'll either agree T3 is helping in which case it was a thyroid issue or she'll imply it's placebo effect which will annoy you. The main thing is the symptoms have resolved since you've been supplementing T3 so it doesn't really matter what your GP thinks :)

  • Quite right, thanks Clutter. Just want her to see the difference and believe it.

  • For some T3 is magical. I am glad you are feeling a benefit. Pains/aches are hypo symptoms too. Just tell the GP the difference you feel between T4 and T3.

  • I am not surprised! I have been on NDT for nearly 2 years and my FT3 is now the highest I have known it (still in range) but my tinnitus which I've had for at least 20+ years is starting to improve!

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