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Has anyone used pulse health screening for private blood tests? Huge price difference with blue horizon

Hi, I've been looking at private intrinsic factor antibodies tests as I'm due to start B12 injections on 27th jan after low b12 results on most recent blue horizon thyroid test. I can't get tested through my GP until after starting B12. Also have a huge phobia of venous blood tests.

I've found 3 private companies that do the test; Medichecks £69 (venous only), Pulse Health Screening £55 (finger prick) and Blue horizon £129.35 (finger prick or self arrange venous or +£35 for phlembotomy at BMI)

I use blue horizon for my thyroid and vitamin tests but there's such a huge price difference has anyone used pulse health screening or know how I would know if they're legit/reliable? At first on blue horizon online chat he said it could only be done via vacutainer due to the amount of blood required but then said his colleague just told him it can be done via finger prick through their London lab.

Pulse Health Screening use CNS labs for their test.

I've just noticed they state they're a health screening company so can't offer medical advice on abnormal results so to discuss with your own gp but will offer lifestyle advice or further sources of info if appropriate. I'm not too concerned with their advice as would be discussing with my gp anyway. As long as I know the result and ranges. But I guess that could be the reason for the price difference as BH dr's would comment if abnormal? Still seems like a big price difference for that though!

Thanks x

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I think if you post this on the Pernicious Anaemia Society on Healthunlocked as well, you might get more responses from them too as they deal mainly with B12 deficiencies.


I have done both thanks :)

There isn't much sign of people using private blood tests at all over there.

I've just noticed I can order the test direct from the lab they use, Cambridge nutritional services.

Do you know how to find out if they're reliable? X


I don't know but they are also list Genova as well for some tests so I wonder if Pulse source out the bloods for testing?


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