New blood results

Hi all I'm asking for help once again as I value your opinions.

My new blood test results now from decreasing again from 175/200 alternate days to 150 mcg.

My tsh is. 55 ranges (.27:4.2)

T4 20 range (12.0-22.0)

Now she wants me to reduce down to 100 mcg.

Over twenty years I have been on 200 mcg and still not felt right. but I have noticed in my results my tsh does not seem to be changing much.

I feel not myself anymore the Dr is not listening and is going by numbers. I feel I should give it ago to say I have tried everything she says.

Can any one please cast an eye and see what you think pleaee. And if my t4 is coming down does this mean my t3 will please.

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  • Veryangirl,

    Is TSH 0.55?

  • Yes sorry I just read back it's not clear

  • Veryangirl44,

    Refuse! TSH 0.55 is within range and so is FT4 20. What on earth is her rationale for reducing dose at all, let alone by as much as 50mcg?

    FT3 levels will drop when FT4 drops.

  • I honestly do not know she just says she needs to get me further down in range. I just end up crying and trying to plain why now over twenty years on is she wanting to half my meds. She says that's what they have to do before she refers me to an endo.

    I said over twenty years ago I was told by a dr the numbers don't matter it's how you feel.

    Eleven months I have been at this Dr now. I asked her why my tsh is not moving up then as she wants she said I don't know I can't answer that.

  • Veryangirl44,

    It's not true that your GP has to reduce your meds so much that dose is inadequate before referring you to endocrinology. Why on earth does she want your TSH up? It's already within range.

    I think your GP has lost the plot and you will become very unwell under her care. I suggest you change GP as soon as possible.

  • Change your GP. She is ruining what little good health you have. Doctors used to be trained in clinical symptoms but no more, Their guidelines have been changed to only take notice of the TSH they do not know one symptom neither do they know the difference so will give you another prescription for the symptom instead of increase in hormones..

    Refuse to reduce or buy your own levothyroxine. You can put up a post and ask for a private message to be sent to you.

    The worst thing they can do to us is adjust our hormones upon the TSH only.

  • Just give up on her and buy your own extra levo or try a different GP as she is determined to make you worse.

  • If my results were like yours I would be bouncing off the walls. FT4 of 20 is almost upper limit and your TSH at 0.55 is borderline hyper. If my fT4 goes into the 20's I show signs of thyrotoxicosis facitata - shakes, insomnia, anxiety, manic behaviour, hunger, headaches and general feeling of being unwell. For me a TSH of 2 or 3 and fT4 of 12 to 15 is fine and within normal range. My GP has trusted me to adjust my own meds as I feel necessary and against regular blood tests. I have been Hashi for 20 years.

  • We are all individuals though hashihoppo . I have had FT4 at 30 (top of range 24) and TSH suppressed and I still had hypo symptoms, absolutely no sign of over medication, outstretched hands rock steady. You can't generalise.

  • I have no signs (like SeasideSusie) with TSH at 0.2 and stll have hypo symptoms (of course, as I'm on T3 only my FT4 is also low)

  • I have been on 200 mcg for so long well over twenty years. I feel more normal on a higher dosage than I do now. I suppose we are all just different. I have never felt hyper. But I'm definitely striving for the place where I feel good.

  • Some T3 added to your levothyroxine might be an improvement for you.

  • veryangirl44 I agree totally with Clutter. I would refuse to reduce. You are within range for both TSH and FT4. If she wants to reduce your dose insist she tests FT3 to prove you are over range.

    In this thread I explained you weren't converting FT4 to FT3 very well and in this thread both Greygoose and I mentioned you would benefit from the addition of T3 to your Levo.

    I think you need to decide if you are going to let this doctor continue keeping you ill or take things into your own hands and help yourself get well.

  • Thank you again for your help. I think I thought by reducing like my previous drs reduced me ten years ago then put me back up less than six months later that this Dr would see what it's doing to me but I'm just hurting myself..

    I feel really stupid I read I get answers then I seem to go to nothing at the drs. we only have from I can see one drs surgery in st ives.

    I need lessons how to toughen up

  • They should not adjust our hormones according to TSH and it can make us very unwell adusting unnecessaarily.

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