Brain fog

Hi I think I am reading too many posts and confusing myself on the t4 tsh and t3 tests can you please tell me if t4 27.1 is high or low please I'm reading and reading but my brain takes is just not working I'm thinking it's high please correct me

In July my tsh was 0.73 range u 0.27 -.4.2 t4 26.1 range u 12.0 - 22.0 is it normal for bloods to change like this please

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  • veryangirl44 The only sure way a member can accurately comment is if you include the reference range, they differ from lab to lab through the country so without the range it's guesswork. However, that result is higher than any range I've seen for FT4.

    ETA: I've just looked back at your previous post and you put your FT4 result as 27.1 with range (12-22). I answered that post and told you it was over range.

  • Hi thank you for your reply I could not figure out the scale high or low silly me. The range is u12.0 - 22. My tsh is 0.019 u0.27-4.2 t3 5.2 u3.1 - 6.8. I have been reading many results knowing we are all different but my results seem to have much higher t4 after agreeing with the Dr to reduce my tablets to 175 one day 200 the next for six weeks till my next blood test. I am concerned this will change my t3 result which she is not Re testing. But from my results now it looks like I convert well to t3 but that's on higher dosage. I'm seem to just be getting more confused by it all. Again I'm confused some people have endos I have never been offered the chance I'm not even sure seeing one would change anything. I still have hypo symptoms even though Dr feels I'm overmedicated I'm at the end of my teacher x

  • No, you are not converting well. If you were, you wouldn't need such a high level of T4. If you cut your T4, your FT3 will go down too. The silly woman should know that!

    You do need your T4 cut, because having all that unconverted T4 slopping around isn't good. But, you need some T3 added to replace it.

  • I was OK at my last drs on 200mg they was happy as I struggled anything below. I moved and I seem to go back down again.

  • veryangirl44 No, you are not converting very well. If you look back at your previous thread where you posted those results, you will see that I explained that because your FT4 was so over range and your FT3 just over half way through it's range then you weren't converting very well. I said your FT4:FT3 was 5.21 : 1 and that good conversion takes place at 4:1 or less.

    I referred you back to your other previous thread where I'd mentioned the article by Dr Toft who states that TSH should be very low and FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of their ranges.

    Your FT4 is 151% of it's range, your FT3 is only 56% through it's range. It's generally best for FT4 to be in the upper third of it's range and FT3 in the upper quarter of it's range. You can see you are nowhere near either of those figures.

    I explained that you would probably benefit from the addition of T3 and a reduction in your Levo.

    Reducing your dose of Levo will reduce your FT4 and because there is not so much T4 to convert to T3 then your FT3 will reduce too. Maybe not by much because the reduction in dose is only small. Your conversion rate will probably be the same and your FT4 and FT3 will still be unbalanced.

    I was diagnosed hypo in 1975, I didn't get referred to an endo until 2002 and I wish I'd never gone, he was a rude and obnoxious pig. All he wanted was my TSH to be in range (it was suppressed) but in doing so my FT3 hit the very bottom of it's range and I was a walking zombie. Did he care? No, he was happy because my TSH was in range. After 3 visits to him my GP disagreed with the reduction in my levo just to get TSH in range and increased it again, agreeing with me that I'd never go and see him again. They're not always all that helpful, most of them have little knowledge of thyroid disease because they specialise in diabetes.

  • Thank you again for explaining I'm sorry for some reason my brain seems to take longer to digest things. You would think after twenty six years of being on medication for under thyroid I would get it I have had my meds upped downed and everything but I'm learning more On here than I have ever done thank you

  • veryangirl44 I bumbled along for about 25 years doing OKish until things went horribly wrong and I had to do something. It's only since so much information is now available on the internet and patients can learn from each other that I've now got to grips with what it's all about.

    It is confusing and there's a lot to take in. You'll get there :)

  • Thank you x

  • Thank you again so by lowering my meds the t4 should come down

  • As will your FT3, see my reply above this one.

  • You are correct Limbolass. This is a 'patient to patient' forum, and, as stated in the disclaimer on every page:

    Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them.

  • And what a great job they do

  • Limbolass Indeed, and how sad is it that they seem to have far more knowledge of how the thyroid works than the 'professionals'.

  • Hi sorry I did mean to say yes I totally understand they are volunteers

  • So my t3 reducing my tablets will go up but should go down. I feel I'm just going to be making my self poorly. Thank you for your reply.

  • Get your B12, folate, vitamin D and ferritin levels checked.

    Low B12 can be cause of brain fog

  • That result is over range, but your TSH is not suppressed. How do you feel? (Apart from brain fog). It's probably that you are not converting T4 to T3 well, which is why you have an over range FT4 with normal TSH (you don't give a TSH for the second FT4 result). Need a free T3 test to be sure of what's going on.

  • Hi my tsh in August was 0.019 range 0.27-4.2 and my t3 was 5.2 range 3.1-6.8. I'm feeling really low my hair still fall out in handfuls my partner often finds hair in his food it's awfull even if I put it up the come from somewhere. I feel as if I could sleep for England a nd and my partner says I mumble sometimes but he also has hearing problems so not sure about that one I just feel drained. I just checked they did not do my b12 blood test yet done foliate and ferretin foliate normal ferretin slightly raised.

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