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New blood results

Hi all, I went to the drs again today for more results of my thyroid test after agreeing to reduce my tablets. my results I can not display yet as I can't get a print out till Monday but my t4 has come down from 27.1 to 23.1 ( I'll look at previous results for ranges in a min. it sounded though my tsh has gone from 0.07 to 0.1 but once again talking to my Dr is useless she told me I need to reduce my tablets again. so eight weeks ago I was on 200 mg thyroxine I agreed to reduce to 175 one day 200 mg of thyroxine the next now she wants me to reduce to 150 mg for then next six weeks till next blood test

My problem is I'm feeling awfully tired again and my hairs coming out more again. I have been on levo for over twenty years and have been told by my Dr today I'm depressed and it's not my thyroid causing my problem and the pain I'm getting is because I'm over medicated I asked so why do I feel worse since reducing my tablets she told me they have hardly changed my results from last time so I should consider antidepressants.

Sorry for my waffle I know the ranges are in my previous post but I will try find them again.

Thank you for any help

Found ranges tsh 0.27 -4.2 t4 12.0-22

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veryangirl44 I've mentioned in reply to your previous posts that your story/results are very similar to mine.

I think what you should do, as you don't seem to be able to get FT3 done through your GP, is get a Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven which will test all important vitamins and minerals so you will get the missing ones, plus FT3 and antibodies.

I still think you need the addition of T3 but you won't be able to work out how much until you know your current FT3 done at the same time as FT4.

I also think that because you have been on Levo for such a long time, and you are not doing well on a highish dose of Levo, that your adrenals ought to be checked with a Genova 24 hour saliva adrenal stress test.

Twelve months ago I was on 187.5mcg Levo and feeling cr@p. I had over range FT4, mid range FT3, plus many symptoms. I checked my adrenals and sex hormones and am addressing the problems that showed there. I also addressed vitamin and mineral deficiencies with supplements and all are now optimal. I gradually reduced Levo and added in T3. I am now taking 125mcg Levo plus 18.75mcg T3 and my FT4 has come down (just at top of range), FT3 in the top quarter of range. I have room to tweak meds a bit again which I plan to do. But I can say that addressing the vits and mins has been very important, adding T3 and reducing Levo has been the answer for me, and I'm in a much better place than I was a year ago.


Thank you again for your help. im so glad I found this site because the help you give is brilliant. I recently had my kidneys thoroughly checked and everything normal. would this be the same test for adrenals please I'm so confused with it all now. I'm going to let them do this last reduction then I'm going armed with everything I'm learning and my new year resolution (sorry to mention new year already) is to get my life back

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veryangirl44 No, it's not the same. Kidneys filter waste products from blood and turn them into urine. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and are part of the endocrine system and produce different hormones which are released into the bloodstream and enable various tissues to function properly. A very simple explanation is that they can become fatigued by trying to compensate for a thyroid that isn't working properly - I'm sure there's a better explanation! The 24 hour saliva adrenal test measures cortisol and DHEA.


I wait to see a Dr and your helping me more thank you so much. I wish you was by my side when I speak to drs x


veryangirl44 Nah, I'd probably be hopeless :D

It depends on the doctor. My old GP (now sadly retired) was very good, I could talk to her, she would listen, so I could discuss thyroid things with her. She understood that you could have a high FT4 and suppressed TSH.

There is no longer any of the three GPs now at the surgery who you could discuss anything with, they are all TSH driven - "OMG, your TSH is suppressed, you will get osteoporosis, develop atrial fibrillation and die!" - and they close their minds and ears to anything you say - hence I help myself :)


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