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Blood results

I have been to the Dr for my t3 results so here goes

My free t3 normal at 5.2prol/L range u 3.1-6.8

My tsh is 0.019 miu/L range 0.27-4.2

My t4 is 27.1pmol/L range u 12.0-22.0

My red cell foliate is 7.9ng/ml range u4.6-18.7

C reactive protein is 3.6 mg/L range u 0-5 on 29/07/2016 this was 2 so not sure why that's gone up.

Ferretin is 219 ug/L range u 13-150 so high and has gone up from 201 ug/L since july

I can't see a b12 result plus in July my tsh was 0.073 range 0.27-4.2 I can't find the t4 result in the printout and different to my original results O posted on here as per what the Dr told me from screen but I have no idea why my tsh has changed so much in a month I'm going to have to ask again about last month t4 result and get the print out.

I have agreed to lower my thyroxine from 200 to 175 alternatively as I felt worried reducing it to 175 straight away as I felt it was to much of a drop in one go.

I'm so sorry for the wrong results first message I went by what I was told I'm so glad I remembered to get the print outs as suggested here thank you.

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veryangirl44 Was your FT3 test done from the same blood draw as the FT4 test?

Your FT3 is showing at just about half way through range. Your FT4 is over range. You are not converting T4:T3 very well. Good conversion takes place when the FT4:FT3 ratio is 4:1 or less. Your ratio is 5.21 : 1. My opinion is (and I am not medically qualifed, I am going by my own similar results) that you need a reduction in your Levo and the addition of T3 - T3 as in the correct amount not the stupidly ridiculous tiny amounts that the NHS usually gives which tend to be 5mcg.

In my reply to your previous post, I mentioned about the article Dr Toft wrote in the Pulse Online magazine. You could point out to your GP that your meds need altering to achieve what Dr Toft recommends. If your GP is out of his depth you could ask for a referral to an endo (email Louise for a list of thyroid friendly endos, choose one or two and ask on the forum for feedback). Either that or self source T3 and self medicate and self-test if your GP wont continue to. (But you need to keep your GP on side to keep your prescription of Levo, I keep quiet about self medicating with T3.)

FT4 should be in the upper third of it's range, FT3 in the upper quarter of it's range, if that is where you feel best.

By the way, your folate is too low. It needs to be at least half way through range which is 11.65 so you need a B Complex containing methylfolate to bring that up. But you also need to know your B12 result because all the B Vits should be in balance and if your B12 is low you will need to supplement that as well. It would be an idea to get Vit D tested as well because if that's low it should also be supplemented.

I'm not au fait with high ferritin I'm afraid, hopefully someone else will come along.

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Hi yes they was taken at the same time. I thought my t3 should of been a bit different.

I also thought my foliate was a bit low I'll buy some b vitamins.

They are doing my thyroid bloods again in six weeks but not my t3.

I would not know where to get t3 from.

Thank you again


Thank you


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