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Blood test results

I finally managed to get my blood test results from my doctor :-) Unfortunately they are measuring total T3 and not free T3. I am on 100mcg of levothyroxine and 20 mcg of liothyronine. I feel a lot better, with increased energy, although there are still some hypo symptoms lurking around. The doctor said I am high normal - but seeing as I feel much better, they're happy to keep me on this dose.

TSH 0.03

Free T4 14.2

They haven't given the reference ranges for these

Total T3 - 1.9 (0.9 - 2.5)

I'm just checking that the FT4 isn't too low - it was incredibly low when they reduced my T4 by half at the start of the T3 trial, but they have raised it back to 100mcg and I started feeling better.

Should I be trying to get them to measure free T3 (might have to pay for that myself)?

I finally have enough energy to go on my hillwalks - in the autumn there, I managed about 10 big hills and also now have the energy to do weight lifting. My brain also felt like it woke up with the T3 :-)


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If you are feeling an improvement it doesn't really matter about blood tests. If we take a T4/T3 combination we don't have exactly the same results as someone on T4 only.

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For the majority of people, total T3 is an adequate parallel measure to FT3, because the proteins that carry T3 in the bloodstream are in average amount. From your results you look to be in the average band. It's only when the carrier proteins in the blood are off-normal that FT3 becomes essential and T3 would mislead. Such patients aren't common, but the implications for them of using only total T3 can be calamitous. FT3 is also essential in pregnancy.

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Interesting, thanks


Why is Free T3 so essential during pregnancy?

Do levels which are slightly too low or slightly too high markedly increase miscarriage risk?

What are the risks to the foetus apart from miscarriage?


It is because in pregnancy the main blood protein carrier of T4 and T3 doubles in quantity, taking of course the total T4 and T3 levels up with it, so as to produce the same FT4 and FT3. Also, a few non pregnant healthy people don't have any of this protein at all, and others can have 4 times the average amount. Its this reason why we need to use FT4 and FT3 rather than totals, so as to bring the unusual people into proper diagnosis along with the average majority.


Thanks, diogenes. :)


sounds like you are on the mend but my advice is don't push it and give your body adequate rest and time to heal

weight lifting is the very last thing any hypo should be doing


Gentle weight lifting, mostly body weight. I will stop if it's too much for me.


Don't get to that point of realising it's too much! You could set yourself way back. Best wishes.

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