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Severe Anxiety (Hormonal Imbalance) Help !!

Hi All...

Firstly Happy New Year... and i hope 2017 is a good one for all...

Currently suffering from Estrogen Dominance.... had the blood tests etc.... after being on biodentical hormones for 4 weeks now off due to levels being in outer space....

Estrogen 243 was originally 39 needed to be around 49

Testosterone 453 was originally <10 only needed to be around 40

Progesterone is Low..

Currently on a Detox and reducing my hormone levels due to being too high.... but suffering with really bad Anxiety pretty much the case that i don't want to be here anymore !!!

Currently on 1.5 g Inositol per day and 200 mg 5 HTP... but still suffering with the anxiety more so in the evening and night .

About to start a very small dose of progesterone cream...tried the 1/4 tsp the other week but made me worse with a Estrogen spike .... so came off and let things settle

Only way i get to sleep is Zoplicone

Other than Diazipam which i don't want to go down that route can anyone suggest something else that is good for helping with the anxiety , but needs to be quick to work and not take weeks to get into my system....

Many thanks


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I found the amino acid L-Theanine helpful, taken shortly before bedtime, maybe 20-30 mins or so. It can also be taken during the day, if necessary.



What brand and dose of L-Theanine are you taking? Thanks.


Hi Serendipitous,

I've used different brands & doses. In this list, I'd probably veer towards LEF, Jarrow and NF.

Prices inc. postage.

I've never used this firm which was recommended to me. I don't know if they charge for postage.

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Hi Londinium,

I've used Health Monthly before to buy Swansons Holy Basil. They're very quick to deliver too. I'll consider them for my next purchase. There's one for cats I take it you haven't tried that one 😉.

I bought this from Amazon but I'm not sure it's helping:

Premium Grade L-Theanine 200mg Super Strength Capsules - UK Manufactured & Lab Tested - Gluten Free - Easy Swallow L Theanine Tablets

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

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Serendipitous, you're welcome. 🖖🏻

I've never tried the Premium brand. I usually opt for LEF/Life Extension Foundation, ARG/Allergy Research Group, Jarrow, NOW, etc.

Yes, I saw the cat product; it may be the best of the bunch!

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If you can afford it shiatsu massage is amazing for relaxation . It will even put you to sleep.


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