Do i need more Progesterone, estrogen dominance

Hi All,

I am really suffering at the moment, from what i assume is estrogen dominance, really bad anxiety, scared of what the next day will bring, this will not get sorted etc.

I am currently on 100 mg natural progesterone via lozenge, i take this of the evening at bedtime.

The mornings are bearable and i can function just about , but goes downhill from mid afternoon onwards and becomes hell with the anxiety in the evenings etc.

Does anyone know how long progesterone lasts before leaving your system.

I am thinking that the progesterone is leaving or dropping mid afternoon and therefore lowering the prog/est ratio... therefore resulting in the estrogen dominance and causing hell......

Anyone help ?????



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  • Hello Y....why do you presume it is estrogen dominance? Have you already been treated for this? Am assuming the progesterone lozenges have been prescribed? What about your thyroid treatment? I think what I am trying to get at is more background info is needed before anyone can realistically pass comment. To my knowledge ( non-medically trained) anxiety alone isn't an obvious sign of estrogen dominance - but perhaps you have other signs and symptoms too, and results from urine or blood tests?

  • Hi Catrich, Thanks for the reply.... my most recent hormon tests show the estrogen levels mostly normal but my progesterone is low. My prog/est ratio is 5 (range 100-500) so way of the mark. Have inceased discharge also. Yep the prog lozenges have been prescribed....

    At the moment recieving no Thyroid treatment....

    Have other symptoms as well



  • I'd suspect adrenal issues/fatigue and think that it's interfering with progesterone, as the adrenals make lots of hormones inc estrogen's but progesterone is made in the same pathway as cortisol and adrenaline. Look on and seek out Pregnenalone steal

  • Hi sounds like what I went through. My doc wouldnt listen to me and refused to test my progesterone levels because I was in my 50's. Im almost 59 now and have no idea if I am menopausal or not as I am still bleeding very lightly every 4-5 weeks. I was refused progesterone because they said at my age I didnt need it. I had terrible anxiety esp during the night I used to wake up in a full blown panic attack. When the attacks started in the mornings after I was awake I ended up in an ambulance. Eventually I had to go and buy my own progesterone cream. The half life of progesterone once its in the blood stream isnt very long. So really you need to take it morning and evening. You will find you sleep better and the anxiety will go during the night. You dont say how old you are so not sure if you are ovulating or not? If youre not there is another possibility as I discovered the cause of mine. Check your vit d!!! I was very deficient. When you stop ovulating your adrenals should take over the progesterone production but the adrenals cant produce it without vit d. So what happens if your thyroid function is low which mine is too, docs also refusing to help with that, you experience adrenalin rushes sent from ur adrenals to help your body to cope. So its a viscious circle. So I would suggest progesterone morning and evening and get a H25 test for vit d. Xx

  • Hi Magsyh, thanks for the reply, for info i am full hysterectomy 12 yrs ago at the age of 39 , no HRT replacements or help. Now at 51 i am having real issues


    Y xx

  • Ok now I get the picture. Didnt they offer you any HRT when you were so young? Mind you that would have been a good thing in some respects as they are stupid enough to think you dont need progesterone when you dont have a womb and you would have had bad estrogen dominance by now or worse. I got fibroids in my early 50's They wanted to do a full hysterectomy but I refused telling them they werent having my ovaries. They gave me lupron injections to shrink the fibroids. I had a bad reaction to the lupron and my thyroid function has been all to pot since. I would suggest you get the vit d test. Without vit d your body does some very wierd things xx

  • Dear Yvette65, I've just come across this article by Mary Shomon, who has been actively working very hard, over in the States, for people with thyroid problems, for many years. I don't know if it will help. I was quite surprised at some of the information, which was comforting to know.

    All the best Grammijee

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