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question to those who chew Thyroid-S up

I found a post about this but since it's a couple of years old I thought it would be preferable to start a new thread.

I have read that Thyroid-S contains a substance that will cause it to pass through the stomach and not be absorbed until it has reached the intestine. This will supposedly result in slower release of hormones into the bloodstream and more stable hormone levels. If you chew it up before swallowing, will that not cause the pill to melt and be digested in the stomach already? Those of you who chew Thyroid-S up, have you noticed a difference in how it effects you compared to when you swallow the pills?

I like Thyroid-S more and more, as I feel stable on it (on other brands of NDT, I have tended to feel ups and downs, probably because I take it once a day for the sake of convenience instead of multi dosing). I have no hypo symptoms left that I can think of, and I am not gaining weight (usually the first sign I am under medicated). But my FTs are lowish considering the dose I take; this summer, on 7 grains of Thyroid-S, my FT4 levels were at the bottom of range and my FT3 levels midrange only, 24 h after latest dose. I feel fine, so I am not really worried; I am just wondering if anyone has gone from swallowing to chewing Thyroid-S up, and noticed a difference in symptoms or lab results...?

This question only concerns Thyroid-S, as it's the only brand of NDT (to my knowledge) to contain a slow-release substance (I think it's called Eudragit).

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Your FT3 is low because you left 24 hours after your last dose. It's usually recommended to leave 12 hours after the last dose of T3. 24 hours is for T4, and as the FT4 doesn't really count when taking NDT, it doesn't really matter.

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Thanks so much, as always, Greygoose! Even though I have read a lot of books and articles on thyroid hormone treatment, especially NDT, I completely missed that piece of information...interesting! Thanks again!

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PS. Has anyone on Thyroid-S specifically noticed a difference between taking the whole dose once a day and taking it twice daily? I always assumed it was OK to take once a day because of this slow-release substance, but maybe it would be better to take it twice daily (more than twice daily would simply be too inconvenient for me), in order to keep FT3 levels more steady...?

I have even considered taking the whole dose in the evening, instead of in the morning, so that hormone levels would peak during sleep...however, I am not sure that is how the body normally far as I know, the pituitary gland produces TSH mainly during the night so that, in the early morning hours, there is enough TSH to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce hormones, thus making it easier for you to wake up...? That is the main reason I've chosen to take NDT when I wake up, rather than at night.

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I fuond I needed to take it twice a day at first but now it does not seem to matter and as I do an active job I'd rather have the energy in the day! I put mine behind my front lower lip and let it dissolve and it seems to work fine. I have never tried swallowing it whole as I hoped I might get some calcitonin! I do chew it sometimes but not noticed anything dramatically different. It has transformed my life since the horrors of levothyroxine I never bother with any tests cos I feel pretty much as I used to and conclude it is right for me.

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You're welcome. :)

Over the years I have chewed, sucked, swallowed, split the dose and taken all at once. None of it made any difference to me - but taking it (all)on waking and waiting to eat for an hour, that did make a difference.

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OK, thank you! Yes, that is pretty much how I do it myself. Out of convenience more than anything, but it seems to be working.

PS. When you say "waiting to eat for an hour", does that include coffee/tea?

I've always just swallowed my thyroid meds. I've always been concerned that if I chewed it bits might get stuck in my teeth then lost after brushing my teeth.

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Yes, I see what you mean...!

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I do my Hampsteads first of all cos my gob is like the bottom of a parrot cage when I wake up 😳then take the NDT after but I find it hard not to glug down a coffee whilst they are still dissolving which is very bad form indeed - I have not keeled over yet tho 😂😂😂

Hi anna69, sorry I've only just seen your post. I take Thyroid-S once a day in the morning and chew it, I've chewed NDT since I used to take Armour and noticed that taking 1 x 2 grains tablet didn't seem to work as well as taking 2 x 1 grain tablets. Someone then recommended that I chew it and I found it was better that way. However, not having taken Thyroid-S whole I'm afraid I don't know if that would be better, but I wanted you to know that it's still effective if chewed.

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